• Dogs will love you more than your house and food.

    In many researches, it is proved that 'dogs only think of their masters', or in other words, dogs 'know' how to love and they will love you more than your house and food you give to them. If they bark, there's something, or because they do love you. They'll accept you whatever you have, however you are, even if you are a poor homeless person, if you do them well, they won't ever leave you alone. Even they can chase mice and rats, too. But cats, cats will love your house and food you have than you. In many researches, cats proved left their masters if their masters couldn't give them proper food and place anymore. Cats love places and food more than person who had given them love and care, not like dogs'. "A dog is a man's bestfriend".

  • Cats are easier to take care of and don't bark.

    Obviously this is just my opinion, and being a guy I get a lot of %&*# for this. I live with three dogs, none of which are mine. Every day when I get home they all bark loudly at me as if the don't know who I am and slam into my legs. This is the last thing I want after a 10 hr day. They smell horrible, slobber everywhere, the backyard is literally one huge dog turd, none of them fetch or obey, I can never leave my belongings outside my room for fear of them being eaten, and they are totally dependent on us. I also had a cat growing up. It was quiet, affectionate yet distant at times, mostly fed itself, pooped in a little box in the garage, slept on my bed without keeping me up, and we could leave for weeks without worry. Cats are superior pets in my opinion.

  • Cats are not evil killers and are far more intelligent.

    I have experienced Dogs and Cats, however dogs I noticed were increasingly violent and I myself have been attacked by more dogs (4) than cats (1), and I have experienced more severe injuries from dogs (needed hospitalization from 2 of those attacks), than cats (one little band aid, no worse than a paper cut). I have seen many more things killed out of pure pleasure from dogs and while cats I have only seen hunting for food. Cats are generally more clean and more intelligent than dogs. Now before anyone tries to disprove this I will say that Cats don't listen to humans cause they see no reason to obey and rather find out how to open a door with a handle that's 100% closed and not be showed how to do it. Also Cats will not do anything without gain of something like food, while Dogs just do as shown, similar to copying. I can relate this to a teenager to a little kid where the teenager will refuse to do as their parents tell them for they see no gain in it and have other stuff that is more beneficial to them, while a kid will do as parents tell them for they have seen their parents do it and are willing to copy them.

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