• Neither Are Better

    For this question there needs to be an alternative choice for both. Neither boys are girls or better and insinuating that one or the other is, is a bad thing. I believe this is exactly what is wrong with society, we are constantly trying to compare and categorize everything and everyone.

  • I rather be a boy

    Neither girls nor boys are bad, but if you are choosing one I would choose boys. Boys have some advantages over girls growing up and in life. Both sexes have their advantages but I think there are a few more advantages for boys out there then there are for girls.

  • I think calling either gender better is incredibly immature . . .

    But with that said I'm going with men. Reason? I'm gay. Yup, that's the only reason why. Sorry, girls. With that said though, I will always sooner respect a woman than a man. You bleed every month, you have to deal with pregnancy, and you had to fight for the simple right to not be treated like an object. Yup, you put up with a lot more bull than most men (keyword is most, because some men are mistreated by women, and their suffering shouldn't be undermined either) ever will.

  • In ways they are

    Boys are physically more dominant over females. More men run countries then women. In some countries women cant even go to school but guys can . If you look at it the men have more power over the women in our world so that should really be the deciding factor .

  • Boys and Girls are equal, but sorry dudes, gonna pick girls.

    Okay, as a kid who's spent a long time on the streets, (Don't worry I got adopted) I was friends with this girl called Timber (She got adopted too by the same people who adopted me, so she's my sister now, pretty cool, eh?) We met each other in the ally behind Fush n' Chups. Soon we became friends and over our friendship, I have finally begun to understand girls now. Most of them aren't drama queens, or anything like that.

  • Girls are more gentle

    In girls and boys ,girls have proven to be neat and tidy ,resourceful,caring ,creative ,helpful, make better choices than men do ,are well mannered and respectful,learn quickly and are in the years slightly smarter than boys.They are quick to help people unlike boys that are rude and very ,very annoying

  • I may be partial because I am a girl

    When speaking on raising boys or girls, I believe, based on my own children, girls are easier. They learn quickly and the are not prone to get into everything humanly possible. Financially, in the first 12 years of their lives they are easier on the pocket, this changes once they become teenagers. In the end I think that girls are more manageable than boys, but both have the good and bad points.

  • Girls are definitely better.

    Speaking as a guy: girls are much better. For this vague statement I am just going to have to go with the attractiveness level. As a guy: I would rather look at a thousand pretty girls than see a bunch of handsome men walking around. Definitely voting for girls in this case.

  • Girls are better.

    If we are going to go with which is better, then I will go with girls. Why? Well because I am a girl. I do feel that both have strong points though. However, girls are better because they "are made of sugar and spice and everything nice" and "boys are made of snips and snails and puppy dog tails".

  • Elementary my dear Watson.

    This is probably one of the most childish debates I know. Considering people have the audacity to question which sex is better. Im a guy. Although i pick no, i side with neither. Its impossible to decide who is better because there are so many factors to consider. This is such a broad question.

  • Both genders are equal

    Look, there's a reason God created man AND woman. He wanted us humans to be equal, but different in our own way. In other words, both sexes are different, but we are all human. What I'm trying to say is, each gender dominates the other in some way or another, so why should we debate/argue which one is better. Yes, men have done many things for human kind, but so have women. I hope you will consider my argument, and think again next time you wonder which gender is better.

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Flipbook says2013-07-09T02:53:11.227
Really???? Are you that ignorant???