Which are better companions: cats (yes) or dogs (no)?

  • Cats are amazing

    YES THEY ARE! They can sleep on you without smothering you, need almost no looking after and give you all the love a dog can give - AND MORE! I really like cats because mine is really loyal to me. He is always there for me and is willing to sleep on my bed if it means I am happy. Personally, I like cats better,

  • I love dogs

    Dogs are the best and I love them I have a dog and she is beautiful her name is Maggie she is a Jack Russell but her mum was cross poodle so she's tall she is so cute you should meet her anyway that's why I love dogs because I've never met a dog I didn't like

  • Dogs are better companions

    Dogs are more active and interested in the things we are doing. They also tend to be more affectionate and loving towards their owners. Dogs also have a h igher degree to which they can be trained for different tasks, such as service animals. Ive never heard of a drug sniffing cat.

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