Which are more hypocritical: girls (yes) or guys (no)?

  • Stacie shanks is yelling at people to shut up when she her self is yelling

    She yells screams at people to shut up and she will not shut the f*** up and calls me a pig yet she is a pig and is a jerk to everybody but her self and only wants to get what she wants and she is bitchier than the bitchiest bitch known to humanity

  • Oh god it’s happening everywhere

    Yeah, im in elementary, but i keep getting cut in line and this one arrogant girl always say “dont worry, he just wants to be first”. Arrogant, she is. She keeps comparing herselves to boys with ridiculous questions with questions as stupid as this one, “do you have a vagina? Exactly, idiot”. She makes me want to kill myself (not literally).

  • Women are more egocentric

    There have been various psychological studies that have proven women tend to be more egocentric than men, meaning they are not as adept at understanding the thoughts and/or perspectives of others around them, particularly under emotionally charged situations. Situations that promote emotional irrationality in women (such as an argument between partners) fosters hypocritical behavior patterns in women where, if the gender roles were reversed, the woman would be enraged by the actions/statements made by their man... Some example scenarios include women getting upset when their partner "checks out" or comments on the beauty of another woman when this gossip is perfectly acceptable when the female partner discusses this with her bf or other friends. Women's attitudes towards equality between the sexes is often flawed; they want to be seen as equals yet expects chivalrous behavior from there man after striking him (and not expecting to be hit) or defending them in a fight (when they are the individual who caused the tension in a group situation to rise). I could go on listing the hypocritical thought processes of women all day, but you get the idea here... And I'm too lazy to keep typing for now. But please respond if you disagree and I'll lastly reply and make you look stupid. Peace

  • Girls can talk about hot guys but guys can't talk about hot girls

    Any time a group of girls sees a picture of zac efron they have to comment about how hot he is. Guys don't really care if girls do this. But as soon as some girl's boyfriend says a girl celebrity is hot they act like the guy is a pig and being unfaithful. I don't really know what they think. They don't think it's ok though.

  • Reasons whys girls:

    Girls are more hypocritical, with a man, we will put our point forward and have a reasonable backing excuse, however a woman will argue back even if your right or wrong, we have to admit to them we are in the wrong so they can get their own way. A proven scientific fact is that when a man cheats, its normally with one person one night, owever a woman will go back for more. Men understand the meaning equality, a woman doesnt. These may sound like sexist comments, however this opinion comes from both male and female.

  • Girls are worse (sorry)

    Its true that when two girls fight its usually over the stupidest thing. Guys do it too but guys dont hold a grudge for more than 20 years. I'm not kidding when I this, me and my wife just went to our 20 year reunion and my wife remembered that a girl had stolen her pencil in 9th grade and she knew exactly who it was. They ended up getting in a fight about it and she remember and confronted her about it. I ended up dragging her out of the gym. But me and my best friend fought over a girl and i still love the bastard. He didnt even remember the situation until I asked him about it.

  • Why I think men are the bigger hypocrites

    "she doesn't like me because I'm so nice, she only goes for bad boys" a typical example of what many guys say. Do guys think that the only thing we look for is a nice guy? I have never seen a guy date a girl just because she is nice. Let's say a girl is nice, but has no similar interests, you don't find her attractive and your personalities just generally don't match, would you date her? Probably not, but wait! She's nice! How dare you not date her? A girl would just say ok, we must not be a good mix, or be very upset, but she still wouldn't blame it on how perfect she is. A guy could have the same thing happen to him and suddenly she is a bad person and only doesn't like him because he is so nice. In my opinion if you can't date a girl that you do not find attractive and does not have the same interests as you, don't expect a girl to.

  • Cursing is unacceptable or acceptable?

    It is not uncommon for men to say that a woman cursing is a huge turnoff to them because it is 'unladylike' yet they find it acceptable to curse simply because they are a guy and society does not have as high of standards on men's language. Do men think this is fair? No. Do they agree with it? Yes. Every guy I have ever asked say they would prefer a woman that does not curse to one that does, even if they curse often.

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Anonymous says2013-07-07T10:43:01.047
I don't think either men or women are more hypocritical. It depends on the person, not the sex they happened to be born as after all.