Which came first? The chicken (yes) or the egg (no)?

Asked by: Tilar
  • God created all animals.

    According to the Bible, God created all the animals on the 6th day. A chicken is an animal, therefore, it was also created on the 6th day. The first chicken probably had eggs soon after their creation. Probably some of you will not agree with a Young Earth creationist perspective, but evolution is also a theory with very little (if any) evidence to back it up.

  • An egg couldn't have evolved by its self.

    An egg couldnt evolve by it's self it would need a chicken but a chicken could evolve from a nother animal. What came first the sperm or the man? What came first the egg (women's) or the woman?. Chickens are related to dinosaurs. Chickens are birds. Chickens are cute. I had to add more words in order to submit this.

  • Where's the egg if there is no chicken?

    You can make a very convincing case for either side, and quite frankly if it is convincing enough you can win the argument. To me, I always believed the chicken came first. If there is an egg, then where did it come from? The egg must've come from somewhere. And that somewhere was the chicken. So, in order for the egg to exist, there must be a chicken, which has led me to believe for all these years (and i'll always believe this for eternity) that the chicken came before the egg.

  • The egg, but from a different bird.

    According to darwins theory of evolution the Chicken would've simply evolved from another species of bird. Saying that it's the chicken because the bible said so is like saying hitler was right because you read his book, there simply isn't evidence to back it up. See ya'll later yo yo

  • An Interesting Question

    I think this question's extremely interesting. I believe that birds evolved from dinosaurs, so they had to keep waiting generation after generation to finally get today's chicken. These chickens came from eggs, therefore the logical answer would be tat the egg came first.

    However, I'm going to have to contradict myself, because I believe that a circle such as this has no definite beginning.

  • The chicken evolved from two different species

    How in the world could the chicken come first? I mean, the chicken had to come out of an Egg. The chicken species evolved from reptiles, like dinosaurs. So of course, the egg! And people say that God placed everything on the earth, but unfortunately, the chicken came from the dinos.

  • Many animals lay eggs.

    Reptiles, amphibians, fish, crustaceans, insects, etc. all lay eggs. All of these developed before birds. Admittedly, this is an easy way out of the question, as what is really meant is "Which came first - the chicken or the chicken egg". All the other "no" answers answer that question, though, so I don't find it necessary to repeat them.

  • It is obviously the egg.

    Before a creature evolved into a chicken, there were no chickens. Then, when that creature created an egg, the egg had a mutation. The mutation made a chicken. This is an obvious conclusion. I am horrified that someone voted for the chicken coming first. It has been scientifically proven that the egg came first. I am going to assume that person who voted "yes" on this poll is a Theist.

  • The egg came from a mix breeding two species.

    I was asked this question quite a long time ago, and frankly, I've always believed that the egg came first. There's always a possibility that two species mated together and accidentally (or purposely) created a chicken. Or there was a evolution in chicken over time. And it has to have evolved in the egg.

    Posted by: Sk8
  • Genetically mutated egg.

    The first "chicken" proper would have been born out of an egg with different DNA from normal chickens, and would thus have come before the separate existence of said chicken.

    This is similar to asking whether the apple tree or the apple came first. The genetically mutated apple seed within a non-apple fruit led to the creation of the apple tree.

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