Which car is better for luxury and speed: Bugatti (yes) or Koenigsegg (no)?

Asked by: Trever234
  • I Think Bugatti

    I think bugatti because it has more leg room, it has more horses, has more head space, If i could shoose between a 2010 bugatti or a koenigsegg agera r id take the koenigsegg. But if the 2011 or later id take. I hope i can get some more help with this

  • Bugatti for Me

    The main factor that helps Bugatti against any other competing car brand is popularity. Though I have never had the pleasure of driving either of these cars, I can still choose the better looking car. The defiant features and rounded body of the bugatti set it apart. Ace Hood, a popular rap artist, sings a song about the fabulous car brand and increases its notoriety even further. Obviously, both cars have everything desirable to a car enthusiast, but it is the popularity and craving for the Bugatti that makes it such a sought after high-end car.

  • Watch Heads Turn

    Bugatti is the more luxurious car without a doubt. The car is well known, a lot more than Koenigsegg, and when it is seen driving down the street, everyone knows what it is and what you paid for it. Which makes you a high roller. The popularity of the Bugatti is immaculately greater than the Koenigsegg and the Bugatti will not be mistake for any other car. The Bugatti is mentioned by celebrities all around the world which only increases the popularity. The Bugatti does take second in the category of speed but what it lacks in speed it makes up for in luxury. There is nothing more well known and stylish than a Bugatti and if you drive a Bugatti, heads will turn.

  • Koenigsegg made fast.

    The Koenigsegg is a an aerodynamic vehicle that can push 280 with out any upgrades, however the Bugatti is a car that is yes more luxurious, but only hits 236 with out upgrades and the Bugatti is not really capable for upgrads. Bugattis are only easier to handle. The koenigsegg is a fast car and aftermarket upgrades are easier to come by, although Bugatti is better known.

  • Konissieg car brand

    I think it is a very fast car brand. I think it is capable of more; more than Bugatti. I like the decor of Konisseg is loads better than Bugatti, it is more expensive but more liked by me. I love them better than Bugatti by lots. Konisseg is better i say in this vote

  • Koenigsegg is better.

    When the Bugatti Veron came out everyone talked about it 1000 HP its luxurious interior and its hefty $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 dollar price tag. But Koenigsegg has surpassed Bugatti by miles. The Koenigsegg One has 1500 HP thats 500 more HP than the Bugatti. So the Koeniggsegg is alot faster than the Bugatti. It is more luxurious to the Koenigsegg even has doors specially made for easy entering and exiting of the car. Plus they look crazy awsome when you open them.


  • I'll take Sweden over France

    As for speed, Koenigsegg wins without any effort. Period. Yes the Veyron has more HP, but that is because it weighs as much as a 4 bedroom house. Luxury? If you want luxury then get a driver and Rolls Royce and sit in the back seat. If you want a car that is fun to drive, powerful, comfortable, and doesn't scream uneducated spoiled brat by driving it, get the Agera R.

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Annapurna1 says2014-01-07T19:40:58.347
That's a lot of $$$ to pay for a car that gets 10 mpg.