Which color is better: Blue (yes) or green (no)?

Asked by: Jesus_loves_you
  • Blue is Scientifically Supported to be a Better Favorite Color

    One reason is that blue light goes the farthest. The ocean appears blue because that is the color light reflected, and since 78% of the world is water, we should accept the color because it is a huge part of us. Not only that, but blue light helps with depression. This is because blue is a calming color and reminds people of the sky or the ocean. Also, blue light is better for TV--for example Blu-Ray. A lot more movies can be held on Blu-Ray disks than others. Blue light also helps plants grow, and blue light is good for treating acne.

    And finally, you should like blue the most because everybody does--I mean, look at this page. It is 100% in support of blue.

  • Blue Is The Color Of Water

    Water is calm, and goes with the flow. (Literally!) It doesn't hurt when you touch it. If there is a rock in its way, water doesn't sit there forever, unable to get over it, it continues on its way, either going over or around it. I feel like this is a lesson of life. This is my reasoning.

  • Green is the Color of Nature

    Nature is calm and peaceful it can also be really calming, plus you can eat some of it.It is the color of St.Patricks day, and it's the color of a lucky charm.If you get a four leaf clover it means you will get good luck which I think why I like the Color green.

  • Blue is the Color of the Sky

    This is my opinion on why blue is better than green. Blue is the color of the sky. The sky is limitless. Your options in life are limitless. You can be anything you want to be. Blue is also the color of the ocean. The ocean is very mystical and highly complex. Green is the color of mold.

  • Blue rules like the limitless sky

    Blue is like the sky limitless and like water that comes from its fear because thinks bout the Nigerian falls they are falling over 100ft but green is like grass just there until they die but water atoms can't die so they can live a strong life but it really matters how we look after our own ocean until we can be organic and ocean free

  • It is a cool color which helps you with depression like blue is life

    It is a really cool color than most people like it because it is a really bright color that you can i just love it and you can join the good side the blue side.To be honest i love blue. You just see it and you will be calm. Bye

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  • Amazing, Awesome Color!

    Blue can be light, dark any shade and i know any other color can do that but with green, if its too light it turns it yellow, a different color so green is not green anymore! Blue, if its too light doesn't matter if its too dark doesn't matter Yay!

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  • Blue is best!

    Blue is better because its not only the color of trust, which as humans we all depend on, but it's also the color of unity ans hope. Hope Trust and Unity are the building blocks of a better society that mankind could theive in for eternity. Blue is the best!

  • Green has blue

    Green rules blue because it consists of blue green also symbolizes life because it has a camouflage natural color basically green is better than blue which basically is just the sky and green was chosen to represent aliens which is the universe. GREEN GREEN GREEN IS LEAN LEAN LEAN YEAH

  • I like the meaning of Green more than I do Blue

    Blue represents: Trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, truth, emotion, calmness, holiness.
    Green represents: Ambition, growth, intellect, harmony, freshness, safety, rebirth, nature and energy.
    Personally my favorite colors are both Blue and Green. I have a hard time choosing between them sometimes. Green is a misunderstood color though. Green, you think of a tree or money. Both colors have their own awesome meanings. I just think green is more interesting. It's philosophy is more productive.

  • Green is great thats a fact

    Green is the definition of beautiful
    Its also better than blue so if you add the two you have
    Green is better than blue
    I am still typing becaus eI need 26 more words to turn this in but green is still bette. Blue is weirdly colored and align with ... Alot of bleu things.

  • Just Look At It

    Look at it. What do you see? A colour better than blue...Could it be green?! Yes, yes it is. Search in your heart for the truth and you will see it to be true Green is supreme. No doubt about it im now just filling random words to meet the requirements

  • I like nature

    Green is the color of nature. Nature is the very best of all things. Since nature is amazingness, and green is it's color, green is also amazingness. Go to a national park er something and see how awesome nature can be. Yellowstone, or Yosemite are both very good options. Green is also the color of veggies, witch are very very healthy for everybody in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!

  • L o l

    I like how this is a color debate and the 'yes' side for blue is represented by green.
    These are random words so I can post and or submit this pointless comment about color preference though I prefer a color near the middle of both blue and green so yeah.

  • Green is better

    Green is better because its green fuh why is green not good all u green fans out there green is better than blue abioulsy green is better its green the coulour of ireland and i live in ireland so i like green thank you thank you very
    much GREEN RULES

  • Green is awesome

    I like green because it reminds me of the grass and the leaves of the trees and the bushes of the land. I think green is a peaceful color and it is so beautiful. I think green is a cool color too. I think it looks good on some different types of cars, as long as they are sports cars. All in all, I think green is a fantastic color

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Better in terms of what? What kind of a question is this?