Which computer is best for video editing and gaming: Mac (yes) or PC (no)?

  • I have both PC and Mac

    I have a relatively new HP ENVY i7 and a big HD ASUS screen. I also have a Mac Pro circa 2004? Which blows the socks off the PC and does lock out. There is no comparison between the monitor output either although on paper the PC should be miles ahead. There is no comparison and I'm leaving out the worn out dirge of the Mac hater's "Mac is a ripoff". I am obliged to use my PC for professional reasons (thanks Trados) and my dream would be to buy a new Mac Pro and live in peace. Try it and see. You'll never want to go back to the PC.

  • Mac of course!

    I have created well over 400 videos on youtube all about gaming.

    I started on my PC with DxTory and Fraps using Sony- Movie Studio 13 Platinum. But the PC blew up under all the work.

    I sugest to everyone if you want to Game- either get a Mac Pro- for example a 2009 model that can change graphics cards, or preferably get a Gaming Console- I highly recommend the PS3 or PS4.

    I now use my MacBook Pro and Mac Pro to record all my game footage and edit it- using the free included iMovie which is fantastic, and if there is a game on windows side I want to record I just swap over with Bootcamp.

    My Macs have not failed me in 5 Years of VERY heavy work loads. Whilst PCs have- quite a few times :( much money wasted.

  • Mac Editing On Final Cut

    I always preferred video editing on Final Cut on a Mac, preferably double monitors. Editing is such a tedious task, but Final Cut can make it easy and less time consuming. I am not a gamer, but from my understanding PC are more often than not better for that. I owned a MacBook Pro for editing purposes but never attempted gaming on it.

  • Mac is always better.

    The mac system is always better for gaming and video editing and just everything in general. I think it it is a much faster system overall which makes it easier to be productive on the computer. Especially with final cut and other systems on the mac. The PC just does not compare.

  • Mac is amazing machine.

    Again this is ongoing question whether if Mac or PC is better for video editing. I would have to say that Mac would be a better for video editing or gaming because thats what Mac is design for. First of all it has larger processors that can handle all the activity of the user. Macs are also virus free which is icing on the cake and that what makes Mac a great machine.

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