Which countries do you think would cause the next World War?

Asked by: RealTreeHoe
  • The silent ones are always the killers

    Vatican City- we know they have a nuclear arsenal somewhere there
    Switzerland- they're too peaceful. Obviously a trick. No one will see it coming when they nuke Greenland
    Greenland- their 5000 inhabitants are all neo nazis willing to die for the motherland. No one goes there, so no one can prove me wrong.
    Swaziland- their primitive technology is so old we won't be prepared. They'll wipe over the world
    Iceland- we all know they're working on a Death Star as we speak. It's only a matter of time before Obama becomes their Darth Vader
    Anartica- when it becomes a country, they'll obviously elect superman as their president. He's bound to cause some conflict.

  • No, not only the silent ones, but also the US, North Korea, Japan.

    US is quite aggresive. North Korea is poor, because much of its money is used on Nuclear weapons, and their dictator leader threatened to bomb up Japan and South Korea. If they do, the war begins. Japan, well, they lost in the 2nd world war and they can't have an army. But they are applying for an army. When the day they have an army (they might even be forming one behind all our backs), the war begins.

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