Which do you believe is better: arranged marriages (yes) or marriages based in love (no)?

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  • Love is the only way.

    You can not force yourself to love someone, you can maybe learn to tolerate them. Marriages based on love stand the best change. Then also love takes work. And when you truly love someone the marriage will work. Two people can not be forced together because others think it would be what is best for them or their families or status as a whole.

  • always beased on love

    It seems like love is hard to find these days. Many people have just excepted the fact that they are not going to find it. I just could not marry anyone that I did not love. Some cultures do not have a choice, but the ones that do, should not be so quick to settle. You are just making sure your future will end up in misery.

  • Love is always the answer.

    I do not believe in arranged marriages at all. If you are put in an arranged marriage, you are likely not to have strong feelings for this person and your marriage will be all to make other people in your family happy, not yourself. If you are married based on love, you are with the person you truly want to be with.

  • No, marriages should be based on love.

    Marriages should always be based on love and both people respecting each other. Arranged marriages, which take place typically in countries other than the United States, are sometimes of underage girls to men in an effort to bring a better life to the girl's family. This type of arrangement can put girls in very bad situations, and they are not necessarily seen as equals to their husbands.

  • No, marriages based on love are better.

    I definitely believe that marriages based on love are better than marriages that are arranged. I do not see how anybody can marry somebody they do not love for the sake of tradition. I think that such marriages are sad situation for people who are involved with them. Marriage should be a sacred thing.

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