Which do you believe is better for modern Communism: Marxism (yes) or Maoism (no)?

  • Marxism is the better practice for the Modern era

    I don't agree with Maoism just fundamentally. Marx's failure indicators can be boldly seen in todays market. The US is running out of fancy tricks to help its economy, and the only tricks left are to take what money you can and flee to a non-extradition country. The housing bubble has left the economy reeling, unemployment is steady, but the jobs that are available do not pay enough to maintain a family. Discontent is rising among the populace.

  • Yes, Marxism is a better form of modern Communism.

    Marxism is much more for the people than Maoism is. Marxism focuses on social and class issues trying to help better the peoples lives and help improve the nation. With the betterment of the social issues it will help to make happier people, a happier nation, and just a better life style for most.

  • The original -- Marxism -- is the ideal.

    Marxism is the ideal form of communism, even modern communism, because Marx created the movement. Maoism would never work, because there would always be an injection of ethnic issues involved. Marx simply speaks on political philosophy and wants it applied in every aspect of life. Maoism would inject an Asian perspective into it that most people would not understand.

  • Maosm is better

    I think that maoism would be a better choice for modern communism, because it takes a focus on the poor, or peasants, and makes a lot of work for them doing things like agriculture work, and it would be better for a stronger economy for everyone in the country being changed.

  • China was at least peaceful.

    It is hard to decide whether Marxism or Maoism is better for communism, because communism is not good to begin with. But among the alternatives, Maoism is better for communism than Marxism. Marxism was more violence. China managed to live peacefully for many years with its leadership. Maoism also has a better reputation among westerners who are resistant to communism.

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