• Madtv is more funny then In living color

    I have missed seeing MADtv. I enjoyed their very creative and timely comedy. They used the power of story telling for their skits and that is what brought out the funny. In living Color which is also no longer on the air relied on pranks and slapstick. I prefer the story telling aspect of sketch comedies and the situations the characters find themselves in.

  • That's A Tough One

    When forced to choose I would say that MADtv was funnier, but that's more based on bias due to my age. I believe both shows are funny and they both had absolutely great casts. I've probably seen every episode of each and I enjoy them both thoroughly. Both shows introduced big names to the entertainment industry.

  • In Living Color outshines MADtv

    When I think of the comedy shows In living Color and MADtv, hands down In Living Color was my favorite and a far better show. The cast for In Living Color was spectacular with the Wayan's brothers and Jim Carey. Homie the clown was my favorite. Many from the show went on to have big careers. Quite honestly, I can't really remember anything very significant about MADtv.

  • In Living Color was funnier because they created original content that has stood the test of time, as opposed to MADtv which mainly satirized current events that are no longer relatable.

    I feel In Living Color was funnier because many of their skits have endured the test of time while most of MADtv was focused on satirizing current events. The performers and writers on In Living Color created original content for each show. Additionally, several of the personalities from In Living Color are still recognizable today such as Jim Carrey, David Allen Greer, and the Waynes brothers.

  • In Living Color and not close

    I think In Living Color was way more funnier than Madtv. Plus In Living Color came first and set the way for other shows. Not everything on In Living Color was funny and not everything on MAd TV was funny but when you take the best of In Living Color there is no comparison.

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