Which do you feel is better: in-ground cemeteries (yes) or mausoleums with urns (no)?

  • I Like In-Ground Cemeteries

    I like in-ground cemeteries, at least where I live. They are what is familiar to me, since most of my deceased relatives are interred in-ground cemeteries. It is more comforting to me to see a grave than a plaque on a wall. That is not to say I want to be in one when my time comes. I would rather not be buried in the ground.

  • Bodies should go back to dust

    Yes, I believe in ground cemeteries are where a body should go for its final resting place. Mausoleums are a dead boy decomposing above ground. Dust to dust; bodies should be returned to the ground in which they came from. I think if a body is not burned it should be entered into the ground.

  • Yes, in-ground cemetaries are better.

    I think that in-ground cemeteries are better. I think things like mausoleums are just way too fancy for their own good. I do not see the need for such excess when it comes to storing the dead. I think that in-ground cemeteries are something that is appropriate enough for the subject of death.

  • Mausoleums with urns.

    I'm going to go with Mausoleus with urns. Firstly, because there is more storage area and you are cutting down less resources to bury people. And secondly, in my opinion, it looks better. Were people to be buried without caskets, I would be all for in-ground cemeteries. At least then we'd be giving back.

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