Which do you feel should receive more government funding: NASA (yes) or the national defense budget (no)?

  • Space Exploration Gives New Technologies and Helps Us Here on Earth

    With are military defense budget so high and just the amount of alliances we have in general we are super space. The defense budget money should be used to help us discover new technology that could actually end up helping are defense. Between new materials, colonization to maybe save Earth, the new awesome technologies that will come out of it, and the fact that NASA is really underfunded, NASA should receive the funding. Oh yeah, we are doing absolutely nothing to ISIS it doesn't matter if we take out some money for NASA. SPACE IS EPIC!

  • The national defense budget is over 10 times the NASA budget.

    The US defense budget ranges anywhere from $600 to $800 billion as of 2012, while the NASA budget is a mere $15 to $18 billion. Our national defense budget accounts for almost half of all the money spent on national defense in the world. We spend more than ANY other country on Military and other National Security needs, and I'm fine with that, but there are other things the government spends money on each year that could be going to a far better cause. NASA has accomplished so many great things that it would be wrong for the US to cut its funding even more. I don't think that NASA should be funded to the scale of the military but with a $100 billion, think of what they could do with that money.

  • Knowledge lives forever

    I believe your fear of what might happen is making you guys think irrationally. The most important thing ANY civilization can do is further the worlds knowledge for future generations. Who knows, perhaps if NASA had more funding they could discover a way for us to not even live on Earth anymore (which could become incredibly important in multiply scenarios). I have entire universe of reasons as to why I believe NASA needs more funding but I'll keep this short and sweet. Ill conclude by saying while I realize our security is very important for us to live; unfortunately, (perhaps not too unfortunate) we are all gonna die someday anyways, so why not let NASA invent or discover something that could potentially live forever?

  • NASA should get more funding.

    Out military budget is huge in the United States. As a matter of fact, it's almost half of the world's military spending and well over 2 trillion dollars per year. If this sort of money was put toward NASA, who knows how far we would be technologically and in the cosmos now.

  • Sadly the National Defense Budget needs more funding.

    Unfortunatly in today's terrible economy the national defense budget deserves more government funding than NASA. NASA is completly unneccesary, and on the contrary national security is necessary with the threats in today's society. NASA should be able to raise it's own funding from corporations and private investors, while the government can not be invested in without companies interests affecting it.

  • No, the national defense budget is more vital

    I believe that the national defense budget should receive more government funding that NASA. Although I feel that NASA is criminally underfunded and has a very important mission, the national defense budget must be considered a higher priority. We have to make sure that our armed forces and intelligence agencies have enough money to remain constantly vigilant against terrorists and to face down brutal dictators. It would be wonderful if we could devote the lion's share of the budget to peaceful exploration of space, but sadly, the world has not advanced to that level of enlightenment.

  • Security on earth is the most important issue right now.

    The national defense budget should get more government funding than NASA. While NASA's aims are very helpful to the government's research of the solar system, our enemies on earth need to be watched. We need to spend our money on defending our country because no one else will help us in this area.

  • The defense budget

    At any time, a country could attack the US, and we need to be prepared for that at all times, and make sure that we can fight off any attack. We need to be ready, and the military needs plenty of funds to make sure that we are, so pay them more.

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