• I voted HMO, but the actual answer is NHS.

    The only acceptable healthcare situation for Americans is an NHS. Considering 57% of the budget is blown on black budgets and trillions on military aircraft that never leave the ground, we can all have an NHS and a free college education without even making a 20% off-the-top dent in the US military budget. Get on it, people.

  • HMOs are more flexible.

    In terms of U.S. health care coverage, I like HMOs better than PPOs, because HMOs seem to be more flexible. With a PPO a person who is sick is looking for a provider that will be covered by their insurance. HMOs just seem to have fewer customer service hassles and better health in the end.

  • HMO sounds better

    Its generally pretty hard to explain why something sounds better to someone than another option, but in this case, HMO sounds far better than PPO for some reason. HMO has a generally higher level of visibility in the US today, and PPO might be misunderstood or ignored by some people.

  • I think HMO

    I think that if you look at these to programs that the HMO one is the one that is going to work a whole lot better. I think that HMO is better for the people than PPO, and that it will help out a whole lot more people in the nation.

  • I think a PPO is better than an HMO in terms of U.S. health care coverage.

    I think a PPO is better than an HMO in terms of U.S. health care coverage. HMOs or Health Maintenance Organizations limit members to choose from doctors that are only covered by their network. HMO member must also choose a primary care physician from the HMO network, and obtain a referral from their PCP to see a specialist who is also covered by the network. PPOs or preferred provider organizations allow it's members to choose from doctors even if they are not listed in the PPO network, However if they chose a doctor who is not on the network they might have to pay more. In general PPOs give people greater choice in choosing a doctor and/or specialist which to treat their illnesses.

  • PPO gives the patient more choice

    An HMO requires a patient to pick a primary care physician in the network and stick with it and that physician must sign off on any referrals to a specialist. Whereas with a PPO the patient is free to visit any doctor in the network at any time, and can chose to make their own appointments with specialists without incurring a penalty.

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