• Well cuddly cats!

    Cats because dogs are needy always hungry loud. . . As cats cuddle with you aren't needy aren't loud and aren't always hungry in fact they barley eat. And don't need as much attention as dogs. I love both animals but dogs leave lots of hair all over and they pee and poop all over the house but cats use their cat box and nothing gets on the floor there so much easier to clean up after. . .

  • I personally believe whether you like cats or dogs more depends on the type of person.

    Cats are loyal, Contrary to popular belief, And you can play with cats, Cats can serve as an emotional support animal. I say people with cats are generally out of the house more whether at work or on a trip. In the case, You are on a trip or at work constantly cats make good pets because of their independence and natural instincts. But when you own a cat you will always know your cat is there for you. It may seem like cats are always sleeping or that you can't play with a cat or that they just "aren't loyal" to a person that has probably had a dog their whole life. As well as cats are often one of the most patient animals with small children. Studies have shown that owning a cat can improve a child's social skills, Help with traumatic situations, And make children less likely to have allergies. In addition to that reason, Cats also cost less compared to a medium or large dog because they require much less food, Fewer toys and fewer trips to a groomer. (depends on the type of cat) Also, Research shows cats can lower your blood pressure and reduce the risk of dying from a heart attack. As a final reason, I would like to point out that cats were worshiped by ancient Egyptians, And if the house cat had died they would mummify their deceased pet and shave their eyebrows off.

    By the way, All of your arguments include poor grammar, Basic bias reasons, And clear assumptions. If you're trying to make a point please actually use evidence so people take you seriously. (It's kind of sad that a thirteen-year-old and provide a proper claim with supporting reasons better than someone that is most likely older than her.

  • Aren't as annoying

    They don't bark(or meow) loudly in your face whenever ur trying to concentrate on something. You also don't have to walk them if ur the person who likes to stay indoors and read a book. Not to mention that they don't smack u with their tail rly hard a lot of times

  • Cats take less work

    For cats all you have to do to feed them is have some food set out and they will eat as much as they want
    also cats poop in a box while most dogs you have to take them out and walk them

    i think cats are better for people who live in a small house or don't spend much time at home

  • I prefer no

    No is actually the leader of all worldwide pets, And is the cutest. I believe no could beat yes any day in a fistfight and my pet no is ripped from doing bench presses and carrying random things I force him to because he is a slave. Yee yeee yeeee

  • "A dog is just a part of your life, But to them, You are their life"

    I mean if you don't want to go forward with taking care (training) a dog, Be my guest. Most of the problems that dogs make come from not training them (untrained they are worse than cats), But once they are trained they are way better than cats.

    Have you ever heard of an emotional support cat? No, Because dogs are loyal, And can understand emotion and will come to help you.

  • Dogs are better

    I hate bothe but dogs are better than cats cats are just gross but at least you can play with dogs. Dogs can actually be fun so I can see why people like them. Again I hate both dogs and cats but if I have to choose one I'd choose dogs.

  • No is the best pet.

    No is the best pet around and I don't think you can argue that. They can do so much like refuse a bad offer and keep you out of trouble and that my friends, Is why I think that no is the best pet for you, And that can stay with you for life.

  • Dogs are the best

    Dogs are friendly and can protect you from different situations. They are humans best friend and bring joy every day! When you have a dog, You have to go outside and be active which is a benefit for your health and mental state. When you bring your dog to the park, You get to meet people and feel less alone. They are amazing with people with disabilities! It is obvious that dogs have a lot more to offer than cats.

  • Dogs is a lot better

    Dogs is loyal, You might think that dogs is just something in your life, But ina dogs’ mind you are their everything. Every time they see you, They present their love, Zest and loyalty by licking your hand, Which what cats doesn’t do. This shows us how much the dogs love us and how they will never betray us.

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