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  • PCs are more common.

    I prefer PCs to Macs, because I like to do things that PCs are better at. If I were using a program that is made specifically for a Mac, or doing complex editing, I would use a Mac. But for simple web browsing and for business, PCs are much more common these days.

  • I prefer PCs

    PCs are better than Macs because they are more universal and affordable, while still being able to do the same work. Macs do look prettier and have some cool features but overall that is not justifable for their price tag, in my opinion. Also, most companies use PCs so it is more useful to learn how to use a PC.

  • I prefer Pcs

    When it comes to computers, I prefer PCs a little bit more than Macs. The reason why I chose PCs is because they are easier to operate, cheaper in price, and are in more places such as schools, libraries, and institutions. Macs are better protected, but the price is what draws me closer to PCs, even though they are less protected and easier to hack.

  • My personal preference in computer hardware is the PC platform.

    When it comes to a choice of computer hardware my choice is the PC. I like the variety of applications and software offered for the Windows operating system. Since the majority of software applications written are for the PC platform I pretty sure to find shareware or commercial software to meet my needs.

  • I am a PC person myself,

    While I do think that Mac's are good computers I think that sometimes they don't always work very well with every program that is available and also Mac's are known to have a decent amount of security faults compared to PC computers. I also think that Windows produces better products overall.

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