• Education is better

    Education is much better than superstition. In many third world countries, superstitions are of greater value than an education and that is a big reason why those countries stay in the position they are in. A person can not further himself if they do not educate himself. Education is very important.

  • Education is a safer option

    There are a lot of people out there who are superstitious when it comes to the way they handle their business. But to me personally it is always better to be educated about anything that you do. You have an opportunity to be smart and selective about decision making which comes from an education.

  • Reason is better than want.

    I think education is better than superstition, because education lets people learn about how other people's superstitutions have played out. With an education, people can learn things that other people have tested. Intuition and superstitution is important too, but there are fewer instances where instinct is more important than training.

  • The real stuff

    I think that superstition is not true at all, and it is a lot better to focus on education, which is all proven and is all real stuff that you will need to know to make it through life in a way that will make you seem smart to people.

  • Education is better.

    This could really become a crazy philosophic discussion with no end, because of the questions that could continue being asked. For example, some would ask whether superstition is simply more fun. And it probably is. But education is the building block for a better world, as objective as "better world" may be.

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