Which do you think is better for Germany: the old Centre Party (yes) or its successor the Christian Democratic Union (no)?

  • The old Centre Party is better

    History has shown us that when religion controls government, terrible things tend to happen. People are held to bizarre standards, and can be punished for the most foolish of things. It is dangerous to let any faith run any state. You can't be Christian and Democratic. They do not mix.

  • The Centre Party is more Moderate.

    I think the old Centre Party is better for Germany than the Christian Democratic Union, because the Christian Democractic Union is far more extreme than the Centre Party. Neither party is particularly good for Germany, but the CDU want to go a lot further to restoring the discrimination and hatred of old Germany, where as the Centre Party was slightly more moderate.

  • Christian Democratic Union

    I believe the Christian Democratic Union is better for Germany over the old Centre Party. The old party is better known as the Catholic Centre Party, which by name sake the Christian Democratic Party is open to more people. Also, the old Centre Party has a very small following and the Christian Democratic Union has a large following. Since parties are hard to get up and running, especially with a following, it seems newer is better.

  • Better for Germany is a question of context.

    The old Centre Party in Germany was a necessary mechanism to return Germany to a situation of normalcy after a devastating war. Today, that time of turmoil has passed and the CDU is a more suitable party for the current conditions. This is not to indicate that the CDU would have been better in the past, or if the return to the Centre Party doctrine will not be beneficial in the future. As it stands in the current climate, the CDU is effective.

  • No, Germany is finding its way forward with the Christian Democratic Union

    The Centre Party offered an old failed style of running the
    country. The Christian Democratic Party, especially as led by Angela Merkel,
    takes an effective modern approach. Germany’s economy is doing well now; employment
    is relatively full and factories and businesses are humming again. Germany is finding
    prosperity under a policy of fiscal conservatism.

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