• Yes, free will is better then determinism

    In my opinion I think that free will is much better then determinism. Having free will to do what you want and hope for is the ultimate goal for most people in life. We sometimes take for granted the fact that we have free will in our life and that is unfortunate.

  • Free Will is best

    Free will is better than determinism in every way. If determinism was better then people would just be robots moving around without any thoughts that make their lives satisfying. If we accomplish something because of someone else did, that is not the same as doing something and knowing we did it by ourselves.

  • Free will is best.

    Free will is better than determinism because free will gives us a feeling that our lives are up to us and go accordingly to our own choices. Thinking that life is already mapped out and chosen for us can make people depressed and actually hinder their progress. Taking advantage of our free will is best.

  • Prefer Free Will

    I believe free will is better than determinism. Determinism is the idea that all events are pre-ordained or that humans don't really have any free will because everything is already set in stone. I don't believe that is the case in this world because things change so quickly and I feel I can influence those changes.

  • Yes, free will is better.

    I think that free will is better than determinism. While determinism is a good thing, without free will, then what is the point of it. People should have the free will to choose whatever they want to accomplish or not accomplish. That is why free will is better than determinism.

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