• Harry Potter is way better

    Harry Potter has more loveable characters which makes you care for them. In the twilight movies, I actually wanted Bella and Edward to jump off a cliff and live in a cave! And hell, the Harry Potter characters can do magic! With a complicated array of spells. Also, whenever I type Harry Potter on anything, it puts the first letters of each part of his name in caps so yeah 😎😎

  • Harry Potter is definitely better.

    Harry Potter is a deep, intellectual, hilarious, mind blowing story that will last for centuries. Rowling created a creative and unique world that comes to life on the paper. Her characters have layer and good development over the story. Her plot is full of twists and turns that keep people on the edge of their seat.

    Twilight is a dull and pointless story. It glorifies abusive relationships and tells people that it's love and that stalkers and pedophiles are ok. It is full of 2D characters and the plot is nonexistent. It is also the big set back in feminism that I've ever seen.

  • Yes: Harry Potter is Better Than the Twilight Saga

    We live in a society that is shrouded in fantasy worlds, and is completely out of touch with reality. In this regard, an obsession with either of these sagas is detrimental. Never the less, the celebration of vampire culture, as seen in the Twilight Saga, is particularly troubling, given the vampiric way in which we live off of each other and the planet. Harry Potter brings a slightly healthier vision of humanity.

  • The first one

    Harry Potter was a whole lot better that the twilight saga to me. I think that the people who acted in the twightlight saga were not very good actors at all, but the people who acted in the Harry Potter movies were great actors, such as Ema Watson and others.

  • Not a Twilight Fan

    I am not a Twilight fan, so I haven't even taken the time to watch those films. The Harry Potter films, I have watched all of those. I prefer the story line and characters in Harry Potter over those found in the Twilight saga. I'm not a fan of the genre.

  • Harry Potter (yes)

    Twilight Saga Ending I personally think that Twilight Saga was not a great ending because it ending very bad because it was the problems that were going on did not initially get solves so it was basically a to be continued movie. I personally think that Twilight Saga was not a great ending because it ending horrible.

  • Twilight Saga Better

    The Twilight Saga is definitely better it more realistic and doesn't involve imaginary powers that people have it involves vampires which arent real but the positions the vampires are in are more of a realistic siutaiton that you can relate to whereas people don't practice magic so it's hard to relate

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