Which do you think is better in terms of object-oriented programming: C++ (yes) or Java (no)?

  • C++ is more object oriented

    Java is a great language for smaller programs that require few objectives. C++ is a language designed for multiple objectives. The base code for Java indicates that it is typically used for simple programs that are internet based. There are only so many objects that can be serviced even by a fiber optic connection. C++ is designed for localized objects in the simplest forms.

  • C++ is better.

    I think C++ is better in terms of object-oriented programming over Java. The biggest benefit of Java is how easy it is to learn it and start using it. Other then that, C++ is much better because there is just so much more you can do with it and no limitations.

  • I think Java is better in terms of object-oriented

    I think Java is better than C++ because it is way easier to learn. From experience, I also think it's more understandable. It's also not as confusing as C++ when you're programming. I feel as if I've spent hours trying to find an error in C++. With Java, I can just scan the code quickly.

  • Java I Think

    I believe that in terms of object-oriented programming Java is the better choice. I believe Java is easier and works better when programming in this way. I also think it is more intuitive and easier for the programmer to grasp and manipulate. C++ is a viable candidate but I feel it is more difficult to work with.

  • Java is superior.

    Java is the more superior here. I think they have a better team of experts running the show, and the product they put out is just that much better. Java also has frequent updates that not only improves functionality, but also erases the bugginess that might have been there before.

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