Which do you think is better: Netflix (yes) or Amazon Instant Video (no)?

  • Netflix has more features.

    I think that Netflix is better than Amazon Instant Video, because Netflix has been around for longer, and they have had more time to work on beta testing live streaming of movies. Netflix specializes in what they do. Amazon Instant Video has just found something else that they think will sell.

  • Staying With Netflix

    We are currently trying Amazon Instant Video and trying to decide if we want to pick up Amazon Prime but we know we aren't keeping both. I believe the two platforms offer different benefits, but not better benefits. I could see alternating between the two just because of the variety, but one isn't better than the other.

  • Netflix for me

    I believe that Netflix is the better choice because of the selection. Amazon Prime has a very slim selection of movies, most are very old and outdated.I was a member but being a member does not really give you anything special. And I do not regret canceling. I am satisfied with Netflix

  • Netflix is great

    Netflix is much better then Amazon. Netflix offers a wide more variety then amazon and caters to me a lot more then amazon. I feel that more is offered then amazon and it feels that amazon pricing is always going up. I will stick with netflix over Amazon until amazon shapes up.

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