• Hunger games rules

    The Hunger Games is better than the twilight series for several reasons. The actors and actresses are more respected in the a hunger Games movies and the director has accomplished many things. The Hunger Games movies also appeal to both men and women while twilight mostly appeals to just girls.

  • Yes, the Hunger Games is better than the Twilight Saga

    The Hunger Games is a better young adult series than the Twilight Saga. The Hunger Games had a much more intellectual story line and contained more main characters with strong personalities that others would want to emulate. The Twilight series was not a bad series, but it seemed a bit more trite. While both were fiction, of course, the Twilight series was much more unrealistic and had less of a plot.

  • The hunger games

    I think that the hunger games is a much better movie that the twighlight saga. I think that the actors who are in the hunger games do a whole lot better job, and that the hunger games has a much better story line to back it up and is good.

  • Yes, I believe The Hunger Games is better then teh Twilight Sage.

    I believe the Hunger Games is a better put together series over the Twilight Series. It honestly comes down to personal preference though since both series are well written and their movies are well directed, I feel The Hunger Games is more exciting and has more direct and clear story over The Twilight series.

  • It was captivating.

    Yes, I think that Hunger Games was better than the Twilight Saga, because the Hunger Games had more of a plot. The Hunger Games had special effects, but it also had a plot that drew people in. Children fighting for limited resources for a nation is provocative. The Twilight Saga was not as rich in plot.

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