Which do you think is better: the right to bare legs (yes) or bear arms (no)?

  • Yes, the right to bare legs.

    You should always be proud of your right to bare legs and fight to keep this right. If I wish to raise my leg in defense, I should have the right to do so. People just need to bare their legs, it can get pretty messy in a crowded area so I should be able to bare my legs in defense and walk out of the area. Would you want your right to bare your legs taken away?

  • How is a bear hunter going to display his trophies without the right to bear arms?

    The right to keep bear arms as a trophy say above one's fireplace is clearly a very important right. Nothing is more treasured to a hunter than the bear arms he gathers when he is out hunting to show to his friends. I would say that this right is even more important than the right to bare arms or to bare legs.

  • The right to bear arms is an important aspect of civic freedom.

    Arguments in favor of, and efforts to maintain, the right of free citizens to keep and bear arms have a long pedigree, stretching back even to ancient Rome. Those arguments were resurrected by such thinkers as Machiavelli in his "Discourses on Livy" and by a whole of host of English and American republican political philosophers. Thus arms-bearing, even symbolically, has been and is linked with the independence of the citizen and with his or her right to protect self and property. This civic freedom, that is, freedom in regard to the fundamental communitarian relationships of the "politikon zoon", is of far greater importance than an essentially personal freedom to bare legs, a freedom that, while personally-liberating, is of little larger value.

  • No, the right to bear arms is better.

    I think that unless we are talking about somebody having the right to own guns, then having the right to bear arms is always going to be better than the right to bear legs. A person without arms cannot carry on with daily life as easy as somebody without legs.

  • Beauty fades, weapons are forever.

    The right to bear arms is better than the right to bare legs, because human rights are forever, while beauty fades. The things that make us free and give us the wonderful life in America that we have is better than a fad and the ability to dress in a certain way.

  • to bear arms

    I think that the right to bear arms is the best right that this nation has. I think that it is very important in this day and age that you have a weapon that you can defend your self with, and that it is a good thing we have guns.

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