Which do you think is healthier for you to ingest: bottled water (yes) or tap water (no)?

  • Bottled is fine.

    In most cases, bottleed water is just tap in a bottle. If tap is healthy, than bottled surely is. See ess ss ss sss ss s ss s s s s s s s s s s ss s s s s s s s s ss ss s s

  • Tap water is better than bottled

    Tap water contains many of the necessary minerals that bottled water has inherently had filtered out by the companies that manufacture it. Not only this, but bottled water creates a strain on the environment in the manufacture and disposal of the plastic bottles. Everyone should drink their water from the tap.

  • No, tap water is fine.

    Water is water as long as it is clean and free of toxins and most tap water in the United States today at any given moment is that. Besides, it is not really known whether a lot of bottled water actually comes from a pure source and it may just be tap water put in a bottle.

  • Tap water is better.

    In lab testing, tap water actually proved to be cleaner than most bottled water. Also, bottled water has no fluoride. Fluoride was thought to be detrimental to your health, and that has been since proved false. Fluoride is actually good for cleanliness, and your teeth. More people should drink from the tap.

  • Tap water is better.

    It is healthier to ingest tap water because bottled water comes in plastic that leaches out. In addition, the source of the bottled water and its chemical reports are not available on every bottle. In many cases bottled water has now been linked back to filtered tap water. Spring water is becoming less common in bottled water.

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