Which do you think is more effective to prevent drug abuse: D.A.R.E. programs (yes) or health classes and curricula in grade school (no)?

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  • Health classes are far more effective.

    D.A.R.E programs are a complete joke and have actually been found to actively encourage drug use. They are overly cheesy in an age where that is not the in thing. Health programs actually show the factual effects that drugs have on you without the unneeded fluff and lies that kids pick up on.

  • Only so much abstinence can do

    Time and time again, abstinence only programs in both sexual education and drug education have proven not only to not work as programs for reticence, but ends up harming those who end up falling into these habits without any education or knowledge about the actual consequences of unsafe behavior. Teaching people exactly what drugs are and how they work will save a lot of lives.

  • No, I believe that health classes are more effective preventing drug abuse

    Health classes are more effective to preventing drugs in youth because they have a larger face to youth then DARE programs. Often times DARE programs are ridiculed and not engrained well enough with youth, whereas schools already have a stage to inform students of the harms of drugs while also making sure they know the material because they have the ability to test them on material and give them a final grade.

  • No, I think health classes and curricula in grade school is more effective.

    I believe that D.A.R.E is a good program but is too limited in schools, I believe with regular health classes that focus on the dangers of drugs while the child is in grade school probably has more of an influence and will be more effective in the long run overall.

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