• If everywhere in the earth is polluted, Money will be useless.

    This is because there is no point in having a lot of money if we are all going to die in a couple decades due to the environment dying. We will have no food, Probably all have lung issues due to pollution, And kill all the wildlife. There is no point in being rich (I'm speaking to you fortune 500 companies wasting resources) if you are going to die, Followed by everyone else.

  • Nobody cares about the economy

    Why can't humans just be nice to each other so economy wouldn't be nesscary? But no we had to have nuclear wars and shit. The environemnt is a major concern that can't be fixed immediately. It will takes a loonnnggg time to fix the environment to be back the way it was during the old age. In fact I personally think it's impossible to compete fix the environment but I still use clean energy and help clean up parks and stuff. With the environemnt being destroyed, I thunk evryone should be educated about it

  • The environment is more important

    Both are very important in terms of maintaining a good standard of living and quality of life for society. However, a strong economy will not matter if we cant breathe the air or drink the water. The consequences of ruining the environment are much more severe than the consequences of ruining the economy.

  • The environment is more important.

    The environment is more important than the economy because if we ruin our environment we won't have anything. The economy seems more important because it is easy to see the effects of a bad economy. However, the environment is more important because without it we will have nothing and no economy at all.

  • The environment is more important

    The economy is important to the country and to the people. The Environment is important to all people regardless of what language they speak. Those people that put the economy over the environment have concern for the immediate issues. Their short-sighted thought process do not see the implications of valuing money over breathing for their children.

  • To Hell With Money

    Money is the root of all evil and the economy is the machine that keeps it rotating until all of the rich people catch all the money and leave the rest of the world poor. Or at least that's what it looks like to me. I couldn't care less about the economy, but the environment is something I have to live with everyday and its something my children will need to survive in the future. I think the environment is far more important.

  • Both are important.

    The environment matters and so does the economy. Without a good economy it becomes more difficult to help the environment. Without a good environment it might be harder to keep the economy going (large amount of international income, And trade, Is from agriculture. ) As for the people who say there is no point in money or economy, I don't think that's true. It'll be a lot harder to govern humanity without an economy. And people have problems. And they can pass those on to others, Like children. Then there will be mindsets that will ruin an economy/money free world, Since there will be less restrictions. And they may be "not nice" because of certain issues, Like disorders, Validation, Poor childhood, Or whatever.

  • The economy is more important right now.

    The economy is more important right now. The environment is always a dangerous topic and needs help all the time but the economy has taken a turn for the worse and never recovered. We should be focusing more on what is happening on our own land and trying to fix these problems.

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