Which do you think is the better option: raising the debt ceiling (yes) or defaulting on the debt of the United States (no)?

  • Defaulting Only Causes Trouble

    From my understanding no good can come from defaulting because it doesn't end up saving the United States government any money, it would only end up bleeding the economy and making every ones situation worse. I believe it is better to raise the debt ceiling but when we do this we really need to address the issue of spending as well.

  • Yes, I think raising the debt ceiling is better then defaulting on the debt.

    I think the best possible solution is for them to raise the debt ceiling only after a firm deal is in place to eliminate the budget deficit and a long term plan to eventually start paying down the national debt to zero, defaulting on the debt could bring many negative effects that are unnecessary at this point of time.

  • We would have to cut back.

    Defaulting on the debt of the United States would be preferred to raising the debt ceiling, because we cannot simply continue to raise the debt ceiling forever. Eventually, people will stop lending to us, because they are never going to get paid back. Defaulting on the debt would at least make us deal with the issue.

  • No, defaulting on the debt is better.

    I think if the United States of America continues on this road, the nation will be in debt for decades beyond. I think defaulting on the debt is the best option so that things can start from scratch. It might be a scary proposition for many, but it is the only way I see things getting better.

  • the second one

    I think that the best thing to do would be to default on the debt of the US. I think that it would be a really good idea for the government to do this, since they already know that it is going to happen one day no mater what happens.

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