Which do you think was better: Windows Vista (yes) or Windows XP (no)?

  • Windows XP was better.

    I really don't like Windows Vista. It was probably my least favorite version of windows ever released, and was just annoying to use. I felt like the program decided people were idiots and needed to be guided though everything. The other interfaces allowed you to have more control of them.

  • Windows Vista or Windows XP

    I personally think that Windows Vista is better because it has a lot to offer as a software as well as an individual can work from the comfort of their home. I personally think that Windows Vista is better because the software has a package that is so amazing that you are able to multi-task while working on something else.

  • All hail xp

    Yeah Vista was bad. User account control overpowered the user. I can't really stop of all the problems with Vista though. They have too many exploits, lax on security, and way too much more. Xp gave power to the user letting them use the computer freely. Vista dropped a lot of app support as well.

  • Windows XP Didn't Ruin Microsoft's Reputation

    When Vista was released back in 2006, it was ugly, hard to use, and most importantly...It had a LOT of bugs. Windows XP impressed a lot of people and had very little bugs. It was the operating system of the future because it looked a lot better was more sophisticated than previous operating systems (Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Mac OS 9).

  • Definitly Windows XP

    I definitely think that Windows XP was a much better operating system. There is a reason that people have chosen to use it for over a decade now without switching to a new OS. It was reliable and just did what it did well. I myself used Vista and was very unhappy with it, so I used Windows Xp again up until the release of Windows 7.

  • It had fewer kinks.

    I think that Windows XP is better than Windows Vista, because Windows Vista just had a lot of glitches and didn't operate very smoothly. Also Windows XP was a much different format and it is much closer to the operating systems that we know and use today. Neither is perfect, but XP was smoother than Vista.

  • Windows XP was better than Windows Vista (mostly)

    Windows XP was the result of the failed experiment of Windows Vista. The impression Microsoft got from the market was that PC's were being used mostly for media. Music and movies were just becoming digital. Microsoft was right to predict the media demand and cater an OS to that. Vista was great for that. However, the reason most people owned computers was as machines for work. Vista was not geared for real work. It was a resource hog designed to watch movies and listen to music, not multitask 3 programs AND listen to music from an external drive. When the market cried out, Microsoft made XP, which returned computers to usable for work rather than just media.

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