Which do you think will win the current console wars: Sony (yes) or Microsoft (no)?

  • I think that Sony will win the current console wars.

    I think that Sony will win the current console wars. I honestly think that Sony puts out a better product overall then Microsoft does. Microsoft feels like they just want to profit from something without any real thought into what they are making. They both have the capital to do what they want.

  • Sony will win

    I think that this time Sony will win the consule wars because Xbox was trying to do some very stupid things. First of all, not being able to lend people your games or buy them used was a really stupid feature. Also the price was very high. Sony will win out.

  • Sony's learned from their mistakes

    The launch of the Playstation 3 was something of a minor misstep for Sony in the Western markets, but they've always held their own in their native Japan very well over Microsoft. This time around, Microsoft has botched the Xbox One launch every step of the way, and while it has still sold relatively well, Sony's machine is the clear winner. They've been doing a lot of outreach to consumers and developers, while Microsoft is trying to save face.

  • We're Switching To Sony

    I believe Sony will come out on top with the current console wars, but I would personally like to see more viable competition enter the field. We are currently an xBox house but we've decided our next console will be Play Station. Microsoft has done a lot of things wrong, especially with their xBox Live Memberships, in my opinion.

  • Sony took more risk.

    Yes, I think that Sony will win the console wars, because people like to stick with a current format. It's almost like Microsoft developed the Wii and then stopped. Sony continues to develop new products while Microsoft is happy to rest on its laurels. Sony is also for an older demographic that has more money to spend.

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