Which game is better: ROBLOX (yes) or Minecraft (no)?

Asked by: NGEpic
  • Roblox is better even though less people probably play Roblox then Minecraft.

    I think that Roblox is better because that Roblox is where you can play multiple different types of games and genres of them, while in Minecraft, you just build, dig, destroy, etc. Knowing how other people in Roblox creates the games gives people more creativity in what they want to do. Minecraft even though you can build things too, Roblox helps you express your feelings in what you would like to do. Thank you judge.

  • ROBLOX is better

    Actually, ROBLOX Came first, with a release date of 2006, most users from 2006 were deleted but some still exist. ROBLOX also has better graphics, and offers onsite activities such as trading, buying, and selling. You can also make gamepasses for your game and make extra money. They also recently released a feature known as Developer Exchange, or DevEx in which you can transfer 100,000 robux into 100 US dollars (This applies with ascending robux too, 200,000, 300,000->200$, 300$) That means you can have ROBLOX as a job. You can also create Groups, which can be businesses and war clans and more. Finally, the reason why ROBLOX is better is because you can build and script your own world (Which can help with later jobs, such as Game Designer or Architect) Of Course ROBLOX has violence, but nothing extreme.

    My final argument is just the fact that you can make Minecraft using ROBLOX.

  • ROBLOX Offers More Freedom

    The rivalry between ROBLOX and Minecraft has been around for about as long as anyone can remember. Many have said Minecraft, while many others have said ROBLOX. After thinking about both sides carefully, I've come to the conclusion that ROBLOX is indeed better.

    Minecraft is a game where the player is spawned into a blocky world, and must craft tools and perform actions to survive. Things include mining randomly-spawned ore, strategically making gardens, and fighting "mobs" (the name of the enemies in the world). To me, it seems most of the interest revolves around the terrain: randomly-spawned caves, mountains, and different kinds of biomes.

    ROBLOX is a game reminiscent of Legos: players build worlds using blocks. They can then add things like particle effects, teams, and make the world come to life using a special version of Lua (which is implemented via "Scripts"). The game of ROBLOX is one website, with many different games made by players. Only a few games (out of the thousands) are made by ROBLOX staff members, which has made ROBLOX famous for being player-managed.

    Minecraft is consistent and has very addictive gameplay, making it seem "better", but ROBLOX has more creative freedom than Minecraft. Although Minecraft has levers, wires, "command blocks", and many other things to help add function to a construction, ROBLOX allows players to take it to the next level. Players can really add any kind of function to anything, be it tools, leaderboards, individual pieces, or even other players. Minecraft restricts you to items already in the game (not counting mods, player-made extensions or adaptations of Minecraft), but in ROBLOX, you really have to make a game entirely from scratch. This allows a much more diverse collection of games that are available to play.

  • Minecraft has bad graphics and other bad stuff roblox is the best

    Minecraft is stupid because it has bad graphics and roblow has the best graphics ever because u can make circle and u can break blocks faster and redstone doesnt even work. Roblox u can choose what u want to ware but in minecraft u have to ware a blue shirt and jeans. U can also play funner games on roblox

  • Roblox Is Awesome

    I believe that roblox is better because of the free gaming and also that roblox is also the first one that came. Mine craft you only have one form of gaming in roblox there is an limitless games that you can play. Also because of the character skins you have a variety of different skins but your character changes very little to none. In roblox you have the ability to be a robloxian to a korblox warrior so in conclusion is roblox is infinitely better.

  • You have no idea....

    Im gonna argue each basic argument then state mine.

    1) ROBLOX does not scam children, it does not download viruses OR malware. Reasons: Some kids are just dumb and make the simplest mistakes then go RAGING on Roblox forums and on the internet, such as clicking the wrong amount of robux they want or wrong membership. ROBLOX launcher (the only thing you have to download to play) has been compained and complained about, but lemme tell you something, I have over 20 different antiviruses and I have run them all over ROBLOX launcher, only 4 said there was a virus. And guess what type? A worm, which means it probably wasn't even on the program when it was downloaded.

    2) Minecraft is not cheaper, no matter what you say. Reasons: ROBLOX gives you 10 tix every day you play, now every now and then, ROBLOX puts out really cool items for like 1 tix or 10 tix, which is really cheap, so all those people who think clothing is expensive, read above.

    3) The ideas of ROBLOX and minecraft are basic, really neither were made first. They are both based on blocky graphics, though ROBLOX eventually "Upgraded" theirs. They are both online, though minecraft offers offline.


    1) Minecraft is a scam, I bought it and it wont download, (I have searched MINECRAFT help numeral times. So dont even complain about ROBLOX being a scam...

    2) Minecraft just got really crappy, originally I would have voted for Minecraft, BUT ever since Notch sold minecraft, it has gone downhill. Wtf is granite?

    Thank you very much for reading my ideas, and goodbye.

  • Everyone in the No section have not played Minecraft to the full point

    I have played Roblox and I think its horrible. Bad graphics, Bad community, and so much money. In Mine craft there will be noobs but not as much as the ones in roblox. And I do not have to see a hacker almost everyday. Roblox is 100% hack able and basically is a waste of your time and money. Roblox could get too addicting and can lead to bullying. But play Minecraft

  • Roblox is better than minecraft

    In rob lox you don't have forced cloths to wear, you can wear whatever you want, also roblox is free, minecraft is not. Also roblox allows more freedom than minecraft. In minecraft there is no friends and it is hard to find your friends, and in roblox you don't need to type in an ip to play online, the list is there for you. Roblox also has in game currency minecraft doesn't, unless you find a server hat has it, but even when not in a game roblox has currency to get stuff to wear and show. Also in roblox everyone gets a server and you can pay for additional ones in minecraft you must pay for even one.

  • Yes and No.

    Obviously, it all depends on how you look at it. Different people have different wants and needs!!! Not everyone is the same. I would prefer Roblox over Minecraft due to its' better graphics and it doesn't need as much R.A.M. And fps like Minecraft. Minecraft is so laggy on a small laptop while roblox can run perfectly fine... If you know how to take care of your computer... And the fact that Roblox doesn't actually need money to play; its ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! It has its' own currency system and better character customizations since you actually get to change your morphs other items... You can buy robux and membership in roblox but Minecraft costs money to make an single account in order to play... Once you make an account, you could go to different servers to play on but... You could also buy in-game currency in their servers also... And yes, you can buy in-game currency and membership on Roblox too... Roblox is an online based MMO... So is minecraft... I found that I got bored way quicker on Minecraft then I did on roblox... But in conclusion: It depends on the person, Not everyone will like Roblox or Minecraft!

  • Minecraft seems basic

    Although Minecraft has more popularity with some teachers in Europe, it could be educational, but ROblox is better if you like games or making games. And plus, you actually could change your clothing without download which is better if you don't want viruses. Roblox seems nice, Plus, roblox just got better..

  • Minecraft came first

    It arrived in 2009 while roblox was released in 2010. Minecraft has a surprisingly more maneuverable world, better textures and little to no violence. Minecraft also has an infinite world and can have installed mods allowing extras in the game play world. Minecraft also has a single player and multiplayer version allowing players to play with friends or alone.

  • Roblox is bad

    Roblox is worster. I never played but my friend did. He said it have worster graphics and there is many hackers. I dont play Minecraft either but i saw a video about it and it looks like much better. My friend says its laggy and buggy. Thanks for reading !

  • Really? No Skins?

    Helllloooo! You can create your own skin for free. Make it what you want. You don't have to acquire tickets or robux, which you need to spend money on (the robux). Even more than if you bought Minecraft. Making skins is free. In my opinion Minecraft is cheaper than Roblox (if you get a membership)

  • Much More Mods

    So I've been reading some of the "Yes" posts on this subject and most of the people who have voted, have no idea what they are even talking about. I will respond to every current post.
    @alexwle888 In terms of creativity in blocky form I started out in Roblox, My account still exists and I occasionally go back to see what they've changed about RX. Back when RX first started it was great, but now, it's so full of stupid micro-transactions that playing the game for more than a couple hours is pointless. When I first heard of minecraft I was thinking, well that's kinda boring. But then I bought into pre-alpha and the game at pre-alpha was amazing. As both games continued a lot of things were added and changed in minecraft and roblox. Roblox lost more stuff than needed and added more pointless functions to their client. Minecraft followed their community and implemented mods into the game stuff that people wanted. Mobs were created from scratch (good mobs, not these retarted meshed blocks in RX) Not to mention the literally infinite world that you don't have to render when joining a game, you render it as you go.
    @NGEpic okay so I see you're more into the business of RX. No one cares which one came first, t matters which one is the most popular and makes the most money in the long run in terms of devs. So I'll start with that and work my way down, the conversion of 100k robux is ridiculous, to even get robux in the first place you need tickets or Tix and you have to convert them into robux, and who the hell wants to spend more than they need to on a game? When I bought minecraft, it was 10 dollars and worth every penny. In terms of business with MC We have higher maintenance but more advanced servers. Minecraft Server owners get tons of money from donations and people willing to pay you for hosting their server. Technically, you can't "Host" a server in Roblox, it's all on the Roblox side, it's not you, Basically when you play roblox, you are turning on a temporary server and renting it, your not owning it and gaining anything from it.
    Okay now you're saying it's better via building? Sure yes you can script you're own land but who wants to do that? Right off the bat you can go download and install VoxelSniper and even worldedit and have worlds that you created completely by you. The worlds can be larger, creativity is increased by so much more than RX and in terms of creating Mc using RX you can't... I have no idea where you got that idea but to run minecraft you need Java, and to somehow import Java into roblox, which is pointless.
    My Final argument on your post, is that you are stupid, incredibly stupid. Please, do some research next time.

  • This is a Sham

    Roblox is clearly bribing juvenile delinquents with "robucks" to post votes and reviews. Roblox appears to be a pay-to-win / ransomware rip-off of Minecraft. They even appear to be gaming Wikipedia, using their own marketing material as source. They claim it was released in 2006, but there's no other evidence on the entire internet to it's existence until 2010, one year AFTER minecraft was publicly available.

  • Can you even say this is a question?

    Minecraft has better graphics, you can build stuff, there are mods, its easier to meet there with your friends, ect. Plus, minecraft was actually made to be a better version of roblox. And it IS alot better. So, my point is, MINECRAFT IS DEFINITELY ALOT BETTER! So, yea. If you haven't played minecraft, you should.

  • I hate roblox

    It is so shitty and then I made an account then when i logged back in it told me i need another account so i was like wtf!!! I hate roblox because some deliquent was playing and i was like what are you playing and he was like roblox i hate that crap.

  • Minecraft is better than roblox doods. Follow sky, tnt, stampy or bajancanadian!!!!!

    Minecraft is better than roblox even if you have to play. You can download skins for free and not get frustrated by this: You have lost connection to the game. So duh, you won't get frustrated and you don't need to get tix or anything. Btw, enderdragons are better than Work at a pizza place.

  • Roblox Scams Children

    I found this supporting evidence on the Roblox Corp Better Business Bureau report. They have many fraudulent billing complains related to scamming children. Including THOUSANDS of dollars of in-game charges for allowed to be made by minors.

    These guys are scam artists, and are probably selling data on minors, and installing Chinese malware.


  • I Can't Think of a Headline...

    In my opinion, both Minecraft and Roblox are good games. However, Roblox lacks with creativity from yourself. Even with good games in Roblox, no one could use your idea because you would have to buy Builder's Club. However, in Minecraft, you can build anything you want, and even create and play on a LAN server with a friend/family member you want to play with. Also, Roblox requires tix and robux to code games and customize your characer, while in Minecraft you can just download them for free. Who cares about graphics for Minecraft anyways? There are texture packs and shaders if you really need them!

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Buckethead31594 says2014-01-07T17:24:24.770
The only similarities: blocks and multiplayer. They are so different, it's hard to determine which one is "better," as I like both of them. Minecraft is more of an open-ended survival RPG. Roblox is more of a building RPG. Both are different and unique.
spiderman12345 says2014-01-28T02:21:50.357
Stop judge games by graphics roblox sux minecraft rules
shawnmccaul22 says2016-12-31T16:33:52.633
Spiderman12345: 1) How old are you?