Which games do you believe is better for the youth: Cricket (yes) or hockey (no)?

  • Cricket Is Better

    Given that hockey usually includes violence for major leagues, I believe Cricket is a better sport for the youth. It is easier to show children professional games of cricket because you don't have to spend time explaining why one player knocked another players teeth out, nor do you have to explain why it's simply part of the game.

  • Less Athleticism and more time consuming, Makes cricket unsuitable.

    If we have to choose better game for youth. Then we have to choose a game, Which focuses on fitness and athleticism. In that regard cricket is nowhere related to both. Hockey, Football, BasketBall Vollyball and even badminton is better option.
    No need to say much one can play 30 mins of hockey and can drain energy of 7 hrs of playing cricket.
    Also it will inspire to stay fit and other fitness regime, Like jogging, Yoga and gymnastics.

    Posted by: abis
  • No, hockey would be better for a youth to play.

    Hockey has always been a fun sport for many. Ranging from street hockey to ice hockey, People always love this sport. The amount of entertainment gained from hitting a puck into the goal while riding on roller blades or ice skates will stick with young people for a long time.

  • I believe hockey is a better game for the youth than cricket.

    I believe that Hockey is a better game for the youth than cricket. Cricket is an English game that is played by relatively small numbers of people in England and India. Hockey is played all over Europe, and north America. Hockey is also a more physically intense sport therefore it would benefit children who are not very active and possibly overweight.

  • Teach em aggression

    I think hockey will be better for today's youth to learn. They will get very fit, and learn how to be aggressive and fight for what they want. This would help with the obesity problem in kids, and teach them a lot of disipline and a strong work ethic also.

  • Hockey has more benefits than cricket.

    Cricket has some advantages. Patience and accuracy are paramount in Cricket. Beyond that, Hockey is a more involved team activity. Cricket requires individual achievements that build to a team victory. Hockey is a constantly evolving playing environment that requires constant predictability from your teammates. Hockey is much more physically demanding. The secondary skills required for hockey can translate to other sports. Hockey gets more fans, which is more satisfying to the participants. Overall, Hockey just makes for a better sport.

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