Which gender is more important: men (yes) or women (no)?

  • Men are more important

    I know women have 'special' laws that men do not have. I know women can reproduce without men in the future, but that doesn't make women any stronger than men. If women ever thought of wanting the same reward as what a man gets, then women should also face the same consequences as men if they have done something wrong. Men and women should be equal, but the world is never fair, thus there maybe a few problems along the way. This problems can't be avoided but can be solved.

  • Equality and stuff

    I am voting men so it will be equal u_u. You see kids you need both sperm and eggs to create the best offspring. If I had to pick one though I would go with men as I am a man and the single most important person in my life.

  • Men are more important

    Men are strong and can do any job and they are the backbone of a family. Also in-order to have a happy life men should have more power. But none is considering men all belive the words of women even the court. They have only fought in the war for our nation

  • Technology and building

    Men create buildings,cars etc. And also create vaccines for deadly diseases.They are also the ones who fight in wars and are the backbone of a family while also being the main provider in the family.Women are obviously needed to reproduce but science has come along way and cloning has been done.

  • Without men women cannot survive

    From the beginning of time women has always needed a mans protection in many ways: shelter, Protection against rape, ETC. Women cannot build a house, Fix a car, They were put here on earth to produce children and nurture them that's it. I'm a man and i really do not need a woman to do anything for me. The only thing i would probably want is sex from a woman. Being a man has many advantages he doesn't have to afraid to walk the street at night and so on.

  • Nature chose men

    Men are chosen by nature to support a family and to bring home the goods. Back in the olden days the men were to go out and hunt for food to feed the house and the women were to stay at home or in the village to look after children or do domestic labour i.e. cleaning, cooking

  • Humans are less important

    This is because of over population and spirits. Less girls less people I'm not trying to be offensive but hey... Look at the food slowly running out? And soon there will be some other way of getting rid of people much dangerous one! Hey also I personally ally think that it is weird that we a even having this problem curs you bad people

  • Think of an Island

    Think of an Island. Scenario 1: There are 10 men on the island and only 1 woman. How many babies can be there in 1 year? Scenario 2: There are 10 women on the island and only 1 man. How many babies can be there in 1 year? I think it is pretty self explanatory.

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  • Why is it a contest

    Why should we keep on the raging battle of the sexes. We may not see it too clearly but we are equal in ways and different in others. Men are dominant over women not to brag but to do what's best for them and their future lovers. Women were created with same opportunity in being something amazing. If women are created only to give birth, Than that means men were made only to fertilize. Would you look at a little girl or boy and say the other sex is better (if so, Your a monster)? We all go through puberty, We all go through self peace, And we're all trying to live, Man. I've said my peace.

  • Men are NOT more important than women.

    I'm not saying one sex is more important than the other, but just saying, we don't even need men to have babies anymore. We can fertilize our eggs with bone marrow and it will always come out a girl. Women are not inferior and they are equally important in this world as men.

  • Stop the SEXISM!

    No sex is more important! Religion is the seed to sexism. I thought this was the 21st Century....I know society is still sexist. BOTH men and women are degraded! Women give life, yet BOTH men and women destroy it! We need to stop this "Men are better/Women are better bull---t!!!!!!!

  • Women are more important

    By what definition of *better* or *more important* are we taking this by? Men are not more important than women. Men cannot exist without women. Women can exist without men. So theoretically, men are not needed in life. People say men are more important because they *do more for society*. Yeah, right. Without men, crime rates would be much lower, and many things that the poison the earth will be gone. We wouldn't need technology or money then - women know how to live in harmony, unlike men.

  • HA! Under educated guys in the yes column, have you created vaccines designed buildings?

    I honestly believe in equality, but reading the yes comments about guys being the only ones to create things of importance in the past is correct for the most part. But hey woman literally couldn't have a voice/brain until the recent history, and since then woman consistently out preform men in the education system since we were allowed to go to school. So no, men have been arseholes throughout human history.

  • We are all equal

    Reason why I am saying no, is due to the fact that I am opposing both sides. Men and Women are equal. We both have disadvantages and some values and with equal burden. For example: Guys can be looked upon to being more violent/controlling. This is not true, as not every guy on this world attributes those problems. Girls have many problems too, like being disadvantaged with their own sex. We are humans. Everyone is a human. Us humans are equal. Gender does not define who is more important because everyone on this world is important

  • Thank you hellywon!

    I agree with you, even though I'm 12, and your statement is correct. Man and women were created equal.. Now don't take the first pages of the bible when God created Adam and Eve but used the ribs of Adam to make Eve. That means that we are the same. We are created equally. Thank You. - Joselyn 12

  • We are all equal

    The internet and the society itself are sexist which makes the opposite gender look weaker but at the end of the day we are the same but we are encouraged from the past ages that the females are always weaker and they have been used through out the years an nothing give back to them. Its time to stop this

  • Women are stronger inspite nature gave best things to Men

    Nature has given best things to men.Men are physically stronger than women.Inspite of this women can give birth to a child.Women do sacrifice for her family.She takes care of everyone in the family and earns for her family too.Brilliance is equal at women and men.If women decide to be at top level she can be but most of the times she has to scrifuce her ambitions for her family.Men should respect women for the things she sacrifice and treat her equally.

  • I know what it feels like when people say there sex are better than the other

    I have a brother he says boys are better than girls because that boys are stronger,faster and smarter. That's not all true it's just the way your born. I seen a girl bend a frying pan with ease and bolt can run really fast and that's a boy and a girl. So in the saying "boys rule girls drool" that teaches children the wrong thing. So something's boys are good at and things girls are good at that makes both genders the same so there needs to be no more sayings about girls or boys.

  • Neither! Can we not be equal? No one gets to choose what they are born as and both sexes are important to our survival.

    With all of the injustices in the world, can we really not pull together as one species? These divisions (gender, race, religion, sexuality, wealth, ect.) they all take away from the fact that we are all PEOPLE. Why can we not work together? Why can we not support one another and show compassion and understanding? Why must we tear each other down? It does nothing but perpetuate the cycle of pain and hatred that ruins so many lives.

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