• They're Also More Expensive

    I believe a good video game has more value than a good film, for the individual. Video games often offer more than a few hours of entertainment and they are interactive. Furthermore, recent video games have adopted plot lines that mimic films. This doesn't indicate that I dislike films, I actually prefer them personally.

  • Yes, good video games have more value.

    Good video games provide more value than good films. A good video game will engage the person playing. It will improve hand-eye coordination, improve reflexes, increase problem solving skills and provide entertainment in the process. Most people cannot snack and play video games at the same time so that is a plus. A good film will draw the watcher in as they sit on the couch eating popcorn or potato chips, unmoving for 2 hours or more.

  • A good game

    A good video game, like Call of Duty Ghosts for me, can provide hours and hours of fun and entertainment, and takes a lot longer for you to get tired of it than a good movie, which will only last for maybe a max of three hours, then your done.

  • Good films are better

    Don't get me wrong, the story lines and interaction in video games is really starting to get pretty incredible. But, aside from a very good book, there is nothing to capture the imagination like a well-acted, well-directed, and well written movie. It grips you and makes you do a lot of thinking.

  • They have more cultural merit.

    Good films have more value than good video games, because good films have good cultural aspects to them. Good films explore culture, history, and characterization. A video game is something that a person just does for fun, that does not make them more fun or a better educated person for playing it.

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