Which is a better game? Roblox, Minecraft, Or Fortnite

Asked by: lovelee22
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  • Roblox is best game of 87 since minecraft and fortnite are so bad lol

    Why do u plebs play fortnit u bandwagoning cuz people enjoy it cuz others enjoy it they want to fit it ya know i lost a game of fortnite once, Ya know i was in duos and my duo teamate was a random btw, He comes to my mum he gives me a brother you know and without her consent ya know like now my mum is sad cuz fortnite is so bad people bandwagon so why thats trash also minecraft just sucks cuz playing it is the same as being raped by millionare companies who don't catt e like play roblox for once you trash people stop bandwagoning also kobe bryant

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