• More alcohol addicts.

    The bigger problem is alcoholism, rather than drug addiction, because alcoholism affects more people. Also, alcoholism leads to longer health problems, rather than drug addiction. With a drug addiction, a person might overdose, but they usually don't suffer a chronic death from the drug. Alcoholism is a slow, painful death, all the way around.

  • While there is no simple answer to the question alcoholism affects more of the population.

    There is no simple answer to the question of which is worst alcoholism or drug addiction I feel alcoholism is the bigger problem because it affects more of the population. It is estimated by the World Health Orginzation (WHO) that more that 140 million worldwide are suffering from the effects of alcoholism.

  • I Would Say Drugs

    Of the two problems mentioned, I would have to say drug addiction is a bigger problem. I believe both alcoholism and drug addiction pose the same problems, including the possibility of death, but the chances of death are far higher with drug addiction. I also view the effects of some drugs as being far worse than the stupor one gets in while intoxicated.

  • No, drug addiction is a bigger problem than alcoholism

    Drug addiction is a much bigger problem than alcoholism. Alcoholism is a problem and many people are struggling daily with the consequences and turmoil that it can bring into a person's life and the lives of their families. But those dealing with drug addiction seem to go downhill faster and have even more difficulties overcoming the addiction. Many times alcoholism goes unnoticed for many years, while most drug addictions are less likely to remain hidden. It seems that drug addictions, especially to the more powerful drugs, can do more damage to a person's health and mental capabilities than alcohol can. And there are many more fatal overdoses in those with drug addictions than in those with alcohol addiction.

  • No, I think drug addiction is a bigger problem.

    While Alcoholism is a very serious problem a drug addiction is a far worse problem, a drug addiction usually ends up with the user in jail or dead from an overdose in a quick period of time, their entire life is ruined and they get hopelessly addicted to drugs, alcoholism can be treated with therapy and medication and is not as life threatening.

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