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  • Nike is better

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  • It's a better product.

    Nike is better. I have had the same Nike golf clubs for 6 years now and have not had a single issue with them breaking or denting. On the other hand, I have Adidas basketball shoes that were finish after about a month. Nike makes a better product and the symbol is more iconic.

  • Better overall fit

    The Adidas soccer cleats are way more comfortable, and last a whole lot longer then the Nike cleats. I know because I have played soccer for many years. Also Adidas has way better sponsors Nike just signs what ever person who can play a sport. Where Adidas actually cares on who they sign. Adidas also sponsors way bigger events.

  • Nike makes a wider product variety

    Although both Adidas and Nike are very good manufacturers of sporting goods, Nike is the more dominant one. Nike has state of the art research that goes into all sporting equipment, and has very good quality products to boot. Adidas is similar, but they are not the breakthrough company that Nike is.

  • Nike is Better

    Its nikes !Addidas win soccer but nike Beats them at every other sport ask anyone about the battle most will say nike would beat addidas its a simple. Addidas is really known for soccer and a little bit of basketball but the answer everyone would say is nike is better!

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