• Anarchy all the way

    Anarchy supports the idea of self-government, Meaning people should be trusted to know not to murder people. A study showed that crime rates did not change after police were removed from an area, And in fact will most likely save many lives, Eliminating police brutality. Anarchy also supports the downfall of currency. Things needed for optimal survival such as food, Water, Shelter, And clothing should be free. Specialty items can be traded for others, Which can replace currency. Furthermore, More than one study has shown that when given optimal freedom to do whatever they please, People will ultimately do what they are "supposed" to do. Students who are not mandated to go to class will spend a few days doing their own thing, But will eventually turn to classes because of their natural thirst for knowledge. Adults who can work when they want to find that they enjoy their experience more because they choose to work instead of being forced. A lack of government would eradicate oppressive laws that harm minorities or keep the wealthy at the top and leave people as equals to live how they'd want to as a community, Leading to better social lives and healthier, Happier lives. Anarchy is the right way to turn, And it's statistically backed up.

  • Anarchy is freedom democracy is a lie

    You know what's the best thing about Anarchy? Anarchy is fair, there are no rules no government no limits, but democracy is only good for people set really high in government and in a country but no matter what I always support anarchy, and you can't deny or disagree with that!!!!

  • Anarchy is true freedom

    Most people think that a democracy is the best way to go NO it isnt because every day the government controls peoples lives and decisions through unconstitutional laws that dont make any sense. People think anarchy will cause chaos it wont especiall since the gov will crash the stockmarket E.O.T.W

  • With out a doubt anarchy is best

    I lived in democracy all my life and there was no point in there when I felt they succeeded in helping me or the people. I believe anarchy will allow people be who they are and have them be productive without living in fear. Own yourself or somebody else will.

    Posted by: K9
  • Humans Cannot Be Trusted With That Much Freedom

    Without any laws the world would be crazy, Humans are evil creatures and does anyone honestly think that taking away the laws is a good idea? People think we would be more productive? Why would anyone work? Why would anyone pay workers when they could just capture people and make them slaves? Why would anyone use money for trade when you could just take whatever you wanted if you were strong enough?

  • Democracy is better than anarchy

    Who want to live in a world the is run by anarchist. Most people don't know what that means. I'm not even perfectly clear what it means. If we're talking about a world without a centralized government, a world where it is every man for himself, then, I certainly don't want to live in this world of the anarchist. Who wants to visit Somalia, not me.

  • Democracy all the way

    I don't think anarchy is good in the long run, its designed to push the current system out of and be a gateway to the next. If you think democracy is going to stand forever, no its not going to. I think we are due for a little anarchy in the future.

  • Supporter Of Democracy

    I believe democracy is better than anarchy. Anarchy has its strong points when government is not functioning properly, but it has never been proven in actual society in an on going basis. I think democracy can work very well, as a form of government, but the US government at this moment is not displaying a functioning democracy, as it should.

  • Democracy by a long shot

    Is this even an argument? Democracy is by far better than anarchy. For one how many anarchical societies have prospered and are here today? How many democratic developed countries are in the world today? Democracy is the best form of government that allows people to have a choice of who they want to be ruled by.

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