• Apple Is moving forawrd

    Both companies contribute to society in one way or another. One one hand Nintendo make's video games we have all grown to know and love, and on the other hand Apple makes software and products to try and make life more practicle. When it is all said and done the company that puts out more cutting edge/life changing products will be considered more important.

  • Nintendo is Boss

    Nintendo is the best video-game company, to me. Why? Because it is the company that has made the most video-games in the world. Apple is good, but Nintendo is better. I have the newest 3DS, and let me just say, that it is the BEST thing ever man-made. Sure, phones are good, but video-games are even better. That, is why I say Nintendo is better than Apple.

  • Apple doesn't have good games except for a few ports and some games that rely on micro transactions

    Nintendo cares about game making, so does Sony and Microsoft, but Nintendo in my opinion cares the most about games, while Apple has not made ANY first party games, that is because they are not a game maker, so you shouldn't even compare the two companies, also like I said, the only acceptable apps are littered with micro transactions and advertisements, and while you might find a few gems like monument valley, Apple is not a games company and thats why Nintendo is better in that regard.

  • Apple sucks nintendo rules

    I state that nintendo rules becuase it is one of the largest companies in the world. It is the base for people but this debate is a little irrelsvent it doent make sense. I choose nintendo either way because it makes videogames and is way more funner than anything in the world.

  • Nintendo is better.

    Nintendo is better than Apple, but the comparisons are a little irrelevant. Apple produces mostly software such as the iPod, iPhone, and Mac computers. Nintendo produces games and gaming consoles. They are on different playing fields. However, I do prefer gaming and that is why Nintendo is better in my book.

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