Which is better as an ancient culture: Greece or Rome? This can be a debate of the religion, political structure, military prowess, etc.

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  • I believe Greece is superior

    The ancient Greek civilization is a diverse culture that valued the arts, individuality and left a huge impact. They still affect our culture today. We look to their masterpieces for inspiration; their scholars for beliefs; their gods for answers; their politics for peace; their wars for strategies. Rome, while it lasted longer and grew far and wide, was unstable and spoiled. Greece has bad rulers and stood. Rome had bad leaders and fell. Greece, like Rome, fell apart due to being far too large for their own good. Unlike Rome, they didn't try to hide mistakes by naming itself the Byzantine Empire as it died.

  • Greece is superior.

    Almost everything the Romans were founded on came from the Greek. The arts, Culture, And building style to be more precise. They also took some of the Greek gods and goddesses, Then changed their names to what they thought were more fit to their society. The Greek is the foundation for Rome.

  • Romans Just Copied

    I just wanted to add my quick opinion- they inspired most of the Romans'... Everything. Especially their gods... The Percy Jackson books demonstrate this. Sure, the Romans may have had a bigger army, but the Greeks had more intellectual advances, such as the notion that the Earth orbited the Sun.

  • The Greeks were Culturally and Morally Superior

    The Ancient Greeks were founders of many core beliefs and values that western modern civilization holds dear today. The Ancient Greeks founded the concept of democracy, modern western thought, as well as several scientific and mathematic principles. The Greeks also came up with a religion, the first in Europe to do so. Greek mythology, as it's called today, was the first polytheistic religion (Hinduism is actually henotheistic).

    The Roman Empire was famous for conquest. Their people and their empire was focused solely on stealing land and territory. They stole Greek mythology and massacred thousands of people. Ultimately, the Roman Empire met it's demise at the hands of corruption and financial failures.

  • Culturally and Morally Superior

    Ancient Greece founded many of the core ideals and principles that we hold dear to our society today. The Greeks founded democracy, western philosophical thought, and many mathematic and scientific principles we still use today. In addition, Greeks came up with a type of religion - one that was later borrowed (and essentially copied) by the Romans.

    Romans were militaristic and focused on conquest and campaign. The Roman Empire wasn't democratic, their people were motivated by blood, and their ideology was "conquer as much territory as possible". In the end, corruption and inflation caused the power to fall from within.

  • Greece Is Better In All Aspects.

    Greeks were a strong and unbendable civilization. It's kings were good(except a few), their warriors were some of the best. Their economy was always strong. The sheer sight of their army would make nations surrender. Greece fought at Troy and that made the Romans.
    By the time Romans became a considerable power, Greece became weak. The Romans borrowed culture and mythology from the Greeks. However, Rome could not capture all of Greece. After the Romans Empire fell, Greece was formed again.
    This proves that Greece was better.

  • Greece was an important civilization, But Rome was more influential.

    While it is true that many aspects of Roman culture were copies of Greek culture, The degree to which the Roman society influenced western civilization and the world as a whole is undeniable. Both Greece and Rome had slaves, And were well known for their conquests and military successes, So I think it's kind of silly to argue which was morally superior, Especially when you compare them to today's moral standards, Thousands of years later. Rome gave its citizens more rights and allowed conquered tribes to assimilate into Roman society, Spreading their influence even further.

    Also, It's important to remember that ancient Greece consisted of several independent city states which, Except for loose alliances and Alexander the Great's short lived Empire, Were not united. Rome was unified, And through a sophisticated system of roads and transport, Was able to build a vast empire that was connected. All of this in the end makes Rome the better ancient culture.

  • Rome is obviously the best

    Rome is not a traitor because greek has been traitors before. They have lied for a long time and have always been disappointed apon. That's not good. The Greeks lied and just copied REome. We had more core reliefs and values. Rome founded the concept of democracy and principles. Rome came up with religion first. Rome is overall the best.

  • In terms of millitary power, Rome wins

    Romes army consisted of ocer 6 legions with around 6000 people in each. By 31 BCE, Rome had conquered most of the land around the mediterranean sea, including modern day spain, britain, and germany. As well as a legion, Rome had auxiliaries, which consisted of people with special skills, such as bowmen or horsemen. All of this combined made Rome a powerful country.

  • I like Greece an all but Rome is my is the best

    Now the Greeks came first and have a great story but I like my Romans for their change from kingdom to republic to empire. They had many unique wars that they had gone through. The story of people like Scipio, Cesar, and Pompi. The politics behind the Romans is a interesting story to learn about how they had political division and how everybody had secret alliances between one another. The Greeks are not bad but they are not a great a story to learn about compared to the Romans.

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