• Halo is so shit

    Wtf kind of game is this you give one fuck wit the ability to kill every single thing what the living fuck is this shit master chief more like master cunt let’s see him stand up to Gordon Ramsey and then we’ll see what happens fuck this guy his so dumb.

  • Black Ops is beast

    It is more realistic and has more gameplay not only that but it also has a variety of weapons to choose from and as well as maps. They have more detail and they also have a large a variety of choosing small to large scale. It may not have vehicles but that would just be cheating

  • Black Ops has more effects.

    Black Ops is better than Halo, because Black Ops has more special effects. The programmers who created Black Ops just had more creativity. They also paid more attention to detail. I tried Halo but it just doesn't have the appeal to play again and again that Black Ops does. The makers of Black Ops just did a more thorough job.

  • Black Ops is the better game

    COD Black Ops is one of the best games ever made. There are so many aspects to it including fun, challenge, and multi play. Halo is a great series and has a lot of good qualities but when you combine everything Black Ops has to offer to the player the comparison is not close.

  • Black ops is better.

    Black ops is better in my opinion. I like the realistic guns and having maps that are more close to the modern day world or a very viable world that could exists opposed to the space world maps and laser guns and things that do not currently exists or will anytime soon.

  • Black Ops is better than Halo

    Black Ops is better than Halo. This is because black ops has a much better combat system than Halo. Black Ops is simply much more fun to play than Halo. Black ops also has more realism, better graphics, and a much higher replay value than Halo. This makes Black Ops better.

  • Black ops is better

    You can't say Halo is better when you have only seen the show. You really have no opinion here because you have never played either of the games. In my opinion I think Black Ops is better. I have played Halo and I own several games, but The Call of Duty series just grabs my attention more. I like the graphics and the game play better.

  • Halo is awesome!

    Although the only thing I have seen of Halo is Halo; Legends, I still think it is better! The show is great, and there isn't much I would change about it. I would love to be able to play the game, but I don't have any kind of game system... :(

  • Halo: Reach has more replayability

    While Black Ops was one of my favorite CoDs it loses replayability after 3 or 4 months. With Reach you have the usual trappings of any first person shooter, but Forge mode really adds a lot to the experience. With cool community gametypes like race or duck hunt it is always awesome to see what someone else is making. Plus I liked Reach's campaign more even if I wished it was more in line with the canon.

  • Sci-Fi Shooter Rules

    Halo has the added benefit of being set in the future with better tech, better weapons and cool aliens to shoot. Black Ops is fun and realistic, but you get the same basic fun out of Halo with an even more fantastic setting. As such, the designers of Halo aren't limited to the constraints of modern warfare.

  • Halo is much better

    I love Call of Duty as much as the next guy but Blacks Op's would be the worst COD game if it wasn't for zombies and some decently-made maps (The worst COD game is ghosts, bad campaign, bad story crappy multiplayer maps). BO's campaign was sincerely stupid and even though I enjoyed it slightly Halo's storyline beats the crap out of black op's. And all of Halo's maps are fun while many of BO's maps are plain boring. Oh and the storyline of Halo is the freaking best compared to the crappy brainwash, "reznov was never their" storyline

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