• Books are better.

    I miss the days when I could pick up a book and read it, and actually enjoy doing so. Nowadays I find reading to be a pain and a chore, and books just don't hold the same magic they once had. It's a damn shame, and I wish I could get back into reading on a regular basis.

  • Books are better

    Books educate you more. You also get to be inside the characters head and know what they are thinking. You can imagine it in your head, and go on a journey with the character. You feel their pain and heartache. It teaches you things that you just cant get from movies. Its just better.

  • Books are way better than films.

    Books tend to have all the missing details that films seem to lack. Never have I heard someone say that they perferred the book over the film.Books also give the reader the freedom to imagine how the places look and how the characters look rather than the film which has a set image.

  • Books books books!!

    Books are a way better than movies.While watching a movie if the actor/actress is not so good at acting or even in terms of looks ,you'll start hating that movie and whole 3 hours or so is wasted, but books you are the king /queen in your own world of imagination and even god can't stop you.

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