• Chicken is better than beef both gustatorily and financially. It may even be better healthwise.

    While I'm not here to debate whether or not chicken's healthier then beef (such may or may not be correct), I will argue that from both a gustatory (tasting) and financial point of view, chicken is superior. While it can be argued that chicken has a bland taste because beef contains more fat, think about it this way: Is blandness really a bad thing? If you eat meat without any seasoning, sauce, toppings, etc., then I'd say "Yes." However, since we season our food, it's better to use a bland meat, since it's harder to customize beef's flavor since it's flavor has naturally been defined. It's easier for chicken, however, to be made to taste sweet, sour, salty, etc. Would you rather make a painting with white paper (one that is customizable, since it doesn't favor another color), or with blue paper? And as for financial advantages of chicken, just go shopping; it's obvious. "But wouldn't the fact that beef's more expensive prove it's better," you may ask? Maybe in common opinion, but of course, it can (and frequently is) wrong.

  • Yes, chicken has fewer health risks.

    Yes, chicken is better than beef, because it is healthier. Chicken is more or less straight protein, and is not fatty like beef is. Chicken rarely causes the heart problems that eating too much beef does. Chicken is also more economical, and even better for the environment, because the environmental impact to make a chicken is smaller.

  • Chicken is better, people!

    Some people know that some restaurants serve chicken better than beef, and people like me tend to eat chicken more, and then they love chicken more than beef? Take McDo in some countries like mine. They serve McArabia, a regional item on the menu. They deleted the kofta (beef) version and replaced it with chicken.... And smelly beef. Who will people take? Chicken! So more people eating chicken = people loving chicken. This is just an example, people. And just an opinion. No Probs, people.


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  • A dumb question

    This page is so skewed towards chicken that it necessarily proves that beef is better. How can a beef eater engage in this silly page when it is "chicken" (yes) or "beef" (no)? If anything should be "yes" beef should. People say yes to beef more than they say yes to chicken.

    The environmental position stated to the left is for leftists who do have probably never raised any chickens. Having raised beef and chickens, I can say from personal experience that you need to raise a truckload of chickens to equal one good cow. Further, chicken coops stink and produce all kinds of terrible methane. It can be nearly suffocating to clean up after those foul fowls. But all of that is incidental to one prevailing fact. People do not decide what is for supper based on "environmental" causes. They decide based on what tastes better or perhaps what is cheaper. When they want something good, they rave over going to a steakhouse. When they want something cheap, they get out a chicken.

  • Beef is better than chicken!

    Beef tastes far better than chicken. Environmental arguments make no sense. A methane from a chicken coop is stifling. Thinking people do not choose what is for supper based on some environmental imprint. You have to raise and kill and truck load of chickens to equal one cow. Further, people rave about "steak houses" not "chicken houses!" There might be a reason why chicken is economical, but it has nothing to do with flavor. Chicken is better suited to be a "filler" rather than an "entree."

  • Beef is better than chicken, guys!

    There is a reason why beef is high in the food chains, it taste better. Chicken needs to have seasoning and sauce the while beef is already perfect! People try to say beef causes cancer and make lame excuses for why they love kid's food. Is there a single good restaurant that specializes in chicken that isn't some drive through? No one eats at "hen houses" we eat at steakhouse!

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