• Marvel is the best!

    DC's earlier movies may have been better but now Marvel definitely has the upper-hand. They are just better, Marvel has had a franchise going for four movies now, Avengers, Ending with endgame. They were far better than any DC movie series. Also Thor, Iron Man, And Spiderman is the best. Captain America is just a guy on steroids!

  • Marvel Or Dc

    If you don't chose Marvel then don't talk to me and i LOVE MARVEL and marvel has the best, The strongest, And the best heros and Marvel ties up there story and I LOVE MARVEL and DC stinks and MARVEL has STAN LEE and DC does not so MARVEL IS BETTER

  • *spoilers* Endgame made an ez decision

    Endgame the latest marvel movie made DC look like Marvels child Endgame had many great parts including the part were thor plays fortnite it supports younger ages with childish jokes and puns. Marvel know what would strike fans heart with spiderman returning and iron man snapping his fingers with his own infinity gauntlet.

  • Marvel is the way to go

    Marvel is better then dc because they are better with plots and is more fun to watch better action hot superheros makes more entertaining movies and also they have Thor and he is really really fine and captain america is candy to my eyes huba huba man! Who the hell looks that good

  • Marvel Is Better

    Marvel is better than dc because the characters are better and the plot line is better. The movies are really good plus the characters are good looking and you can't go wrong there. Thor is the greatest avenger and since he is marvel that means marvel is better than dc.

  • I would say DC has a chance

    FLASHPOINT. Flash can reset the DC universe and undone Aflick.
    Marvel was good but they put too much focus on captain marvel and do not accurately portray comic book arcs. I do not want them to follow comics to a T but look at the Mandarin in iron man 3.
    That was a cheap villain and made him lame and I was disappointed at how they kill villains like the claw when they are bread and butter.
    And now they killed that they killed characters they are not coming back.
    Then whole arcs that can be made into multiple movies are condensed and slightly worse.
    Maybe DC can do it better with Flashpoint

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