Which is better -- extroversion (yes) or introversion (no)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Yes for extroversion, no for introversion

    I guess I choose yes because I'm more biased perhaps. People greeting me with a pat on the shoulder just makes me feel alive and happy and warm. It's more like I feel the warmth and love coming from the people I know. I guess for introverts the argument is pats make you feel uncomfortable. Not me.

  • Introversion and Extroversion are equally valuable personality traits however Introversion is often misunderstood and treated as the less desirable trait.

    Introverts tend to value introspection, truth and deep connections with people so they tend to be able to see through superficiality more than extroverts. They don't tend to enjoy small talk because they find it to be trivial and superficial however this does not mean that they are anti-social it is just that they prefer more meaningful conversation and find it draining to engage in small talk. Introverts also tend to value substance over personality, substance I feel is often neglected and replaced by how well you sell yourself rather than who you truly are. Of course I can see that being around other people creates a sense of connectedness and humans are fundamentally social creatures that need company however often there is no deep connection between the real personalities behind the facades and although for introverts these barriers are more noticeable with true friends these barriers are generally removed whereas for extroverts a deep connection is valued less highly and therefore sometimes the guard is not let down. Also there is a skew in society to support extroversion and nourish it while discouraging introversion and sometimes disregarding it as personality trait (there was talk of listing it as a mental disorder). I think that the fact that introverts are forced to survive and even flourish in a world catered for extroverts proves that they are resilient and sometimes have more perception that their extrovert counterparts as they spend more time appreciating than wanting to be appreciated.

  • I say No for Neither

    I think this is a difficult question. I mean you can ask individuals which they prefer, extroversion or introversion. But you can't really make some sweeping generalization that one is outright better than another. It thoroughly depends on what context.

    Extroverts are more likely to make others feel better, happier. Introverts are naturally guarded, and reserved, and tend to think about themselves a lot (speaking as an introvert.) This doesn't mean that they don't care about other people - it just means they find relaxation and comfort in their own thoughts and interests. Whereas an extrovert might find more comfort and relaxation with relating his thoughts and feelings to others.

    As an introvert, I actually don't enjoy other introverts' company. That might sound strange. But I think it's common. Introverts have a first preference for self-communication, then they work out what they like about other people.

    I think it's healthier for yourself and others to be extroverted, but that the world itself definitely has a place for introverts too.

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themohawkninja says2013-12-08T17:34:55.767
What the hell does Carl Jung and Netflix have in common?
themohawkninja says2013-12-08T17:35:48.117
You need both in society. You need extroverts to run the businesses, and you need the introverts to advance science.