Which is better for the environment: fake flowers (yes) or real blooms (no)?

  • What about those Chemicals?

    To reply to the post saying that plants give us oxygen and we give plants CO2, that doesn't really work when the plants have been chopped down, does it? We can still plant all of the flowers and not of to cut them down. That would be a lot better for the environment don't you think?

  • Real Blooms for us!

    Plants provide us with oxygen and we provide them with CO2 . Its a win- win for the plants and us. Also plants may be our only chance to save our world from global warming. Also I may as well bring up deforestation which also causes global warming the plants take up carbon dioxide and when you cut down flowers and trees they release carbon dioxide back into the earth!

  • Real blooms are better

    Real blooms are better for the environment than plastic flowers since they cycle carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. Paper or silk flowers may have less negative environmental impact than plastic. Real blooms that are planted or organically grown flowers planted without hurting soil or other plant growth, or impacting animal habitats are good for the environment.

  • Real is best

    I think that real anything is the best for the environment because it is natural. I think that real blooms are better for the environment than fake flowers for the same reason, they are natural. Fake flowers are fine if they are made out of natural, biodegradable materials. Alot of times they aren't, and they are bad.

  • Duh, Real Flowers

    I believe real flowers are better for the environment. If you consider what goes into making fake flowers, they are often part of the environmental problem. After they've been used, they're extremely difficult to recycle and there's really no good second hand use for them. Sometimes they include plastic construction as well, which is a direct derivative of the oil industry. Fake flowers are bad for the environment, hands down.

  • Real blooms are much better

    Real blooms are beter for the environment. One they are a natural occurring part of the environment. They will continue the cycle of the environment by having bees pollinate. If you take fake flowers you have to be concerned about what they are made of and they do not help the natural cycle of the environment.

  • Real Blooms for the Environment

    For obvious reasons, fake flowers aren't good for the environment in any way. Real blooms and plants are necessary in order to bolster the environment. We can't expect to reverse global warming without planting more trees and other foliage. Otherwise, the environment will only continue to worsen and degrade over time.

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