Which is better: GTA 5 (yes) or COD Ghosts (no)?

Asked by: rishitrockzz
  • Gta 5 is better in every way!

    Gta 5 unlike call of duty has so many things to do, race, rob banks, fly planes, customize cars, buy guns, hunt, I could go on for days, and the story for gta 5 is five times longer and five times better than call of duty ghosts story. Call of duty ghosts was probably the worst call of duty yet. And the last time I checked, I'm pretty sure that call of duty ghosts did not make over one billion dollars in the first three days of release!

  • COD Ghosts is just a flop game made to keep up with Battlefield

    GTA V is so fun. You can do so much more and have fun with your friends doing whatever you want. COD Ghosts is such a bad game. Black Ops 2 is so fun and is way better than ghosts. The snipers and maps are so good and many people are going back to black ops 2 because ghosts is so bad. Anyway that's why GTA V is so much better.

  • Gta is waaaaaay better

    Call of duty gets so stale so quick, especially ghosts. I bought played it for 2 weekends and got so bored with it and went back to play other games. However when you have no one to play with gta gets a little boring but if you do you can play it for months or years

  • COD is for Fags and N00bs

    I rarely play that games because that game is for noobs and fags who likes to camp out and do nothing, and yell at you, while in GTA V online you don't see any people yelling at you for killing that person, you also don't see people camping out (Unless that person don't have any weapons or Away from Game)

    I play GTA V, it also more fun, you get to play 3 characters (Offline), i am not saying COD is not fun, both games seems fun but in GTA V you get more option and less noobs/fags.

  • Call of Duty

    CoD is an FPS. It is designed to keep players entrenched in the multi-player for months at a time. GTA isn't a bad game, the multi-player just gets really boring after like a week. CoD provides months of endless multi-player action on Xbox LIVE, PSN, and PC. CoD is superior in the sense that it is more versatile.

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