• HTC is better

    For my personal needs I find HTC One to be than the S4. I had the S4 before HTC One but I found S4 to be a little laggy. When you want to make a call, press Phone button. It is way too slow. HTC one was faster. Expandable storage of S4 is not really required as we get Dropbox storage with HTC one if required. I personally don't keep a lot of music or pictures on my phone but like to have more apps. With S4 you practically get only 9 GB of space and with HTC you get 25 GB of space to utilize.

  • HTC is a company. S4 is a phone.

    Between a Taiwanese phone manufacturer and a single model within a line of phones, I'd say the manufacturer is the better choice. Which one would I own, an entire company or a phone? The company, of course. Which one would be a better investment, an entire workforce of people or a phone that will become outdated in a year or so? Too easy. I'd take the company any day.

    If I were asked whether the HTC One is better than the Samsung S4, the answer might be different.

  • How about the

    How about the iphone. My personal favorite are the apple products, iphone, ipad, i pod, etc. Galaxy and the other windows or android phones are harder to use, and much more confusing then iphone. They run out of battery pretty quick, and use up the data plan faster even if you aren't using it (apps are still running) in the iphone evn when aps are still ry=unning the battery lasts longer, and the data plan isn't used at all.

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