Which is better: In n Out (no) or Five Guys (yes)?

Asked by: meooow
  • what do you this is better.

    In you opinion what is better Five Guys Burger and Fries or In n Out. Both are very good burger places. In n out has a secret menu but five guys has more options. In n out has less calories but Five Guys has more food. Now here is where you coming vote on which YOU think has better service, taste and overall experience.

  • In n out better

    In n out has better taste by far. There's no comparing a double double with sauce to a Five Guys double cheeseburger. Sure, you get more fries with the Five Guys order but does anyone really need a huge bag of fries after eating a huge burger? Just sayin' .

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Ragnar says2013-05-21T01:05:34.677
Please, enough of the yes for this no for that questions. Just say "this thing is better than that thing."